Appeal: Vanya Grigorova is a breath of hope for normality

Appeal: Vanya Grigorova is a breath of hope for normality
Appeal: Vanya Grigorova is a breath of hope for normality

/ They ruined this country, but “Long live Bulgaria”!
This popular phrase – epicrisis of the Bulgarian folk psychology, recently included in the so-called “Bulgarian Selfie”/by Ivan Landzhev/, today is the “fulcrum” for all True Sofians.

Why do we talk about “Real” and how do we distinguish them from “the rest”?!
…The answer is simple -…being well adapted to a sick society – is not a sign of good health..! Who are we, the “real Sofians” – what about the MISFIT, the NORMAL. THOSE FOR WHOM BULGARIA IS HOMELAND AND SOFIA IS WISDOM, CHILDHOOD, DIGNITY, LOVE…
Our country is sick /because it is ruined/, Sofia is the capital of a ruined country..! We all want “CHANGE” – we get a “ASSY” and the Compradors shout at the “EMBASSY” media “…Long Live Ukraine…”

Here, on behalf of /and in spite of/ the entire /humbled/ officers’ guild, I reach out to the dishonored national memory and from this “historical obsolescence”, my dear compatriots, I will bombard you with the merciless truths of Colonel Boris Drangov: “…In order to live, Bulgaria urgently needs moral giants, not speechless and torn moral castrates. In order to win, Bulgaria must be led by noble characters, not by silent, slavish self-worshippers.”

Today, the Misery of the Spirit, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, loses its dimensions… How to connect our names, our lives with the brutal “butaforia” in which we live daily for decades now?! National normality is shattered. Sofia is the command and coordination center of the “Bootforia” – a so-called state. Bulgaria is no longer a country, but a crime scene – this “Ala-Bala” of parties, this sham of life.?! Such a breakdown.., this perversion of “sick brains” into which they push our lives – which desperately and “urgently” need normalcy.
Vanya Grigorova is a breath of hope for normality.
The first step towards normality is called Vanya Grigorova – a chance for the people of Sofia and a ford to normality…

Vanya Is Not “Party”, Vanya Is Not “Left” and “Right” – Vanya Is Cause!”

The only “MALE BEGINNING” in gender national politics today is called Vanya Grigorova.
The chance for Sofians to support a real alternative and to save ourselves from the “saviors” imposed on us for decades is real today and her name is Vanya Grigorova. Tireless, strong and extremely prepared, with dignified, national values!

Let’s do it to give Sofia and Bulgaria the chance to start on a new path.
Vanya Grigorova raised the rating of ISTINATA, Bi Hekimyan and BTV gnashed their teeth with glee, and the holograms colorfully ended the journalistic career of another fictional character of the new age.
Today, Vanya is a Cause for the people of Sofia. Her name has become Password!
A password to shout in the face of all the “scum” of Patriots and Patriots, to all Normal Sofians to shout:
Vanya Grigorova is the “Golden Apple” of UNION! The book of National Reconciliation against the Status Quo.
Vanya is Chance!
Vanya is a Solution!
Vanya Is Not “Party”, Vanya Is Not “Left” and “Right” – Vanya Is Cause!
Cause “For”!
For Justice.
For Normality.
For Unification.
Vanya E Cause
In the future!
Let’s Save Sofia
from the Garbage;
from Corruption;
from Crime;
from Chalgata;
from Injustice and the Ukrainian flag of “Capital Municipality”!
Vanya is the Path to National Unity, Path of the Left, Example of BSP and BROD for Normality…
Today, Now It’s Possible!
Let’s do it!

NFE “Ship for Bulgaria” Lazar Murdjev

Bulgarian National Council for Peace Prof. Nako Stefanov

Association “Left View” Dr. Rumen Petkov

Association “Women and Mothers for Peace” Raina Stamenova

Public Council “Wars for Peace” gen. Tsvetan Totomirov

Association “Veterans of Labor for Peace” academician Gancho Popov

Association “Just Bulgaria” Ivan Pavlov

Anti-Fascist Forum – Bulgaria Prof. Mincho Minchev

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