International Day of Biosphere Park “Srebarna”


The third of November has been designated as the International Day of Biosphere Parks in 2021 by a Decision of the UNESCO General Conference. “Central Balkan”, “Red Wall”, “Srebarna” and “Uzunbujak” are the four Bulgarian biosphere parks announced in 2017 under the “Man and the Biosphere” Program of UNESCO. Their nomination a year earlier was supported by both the local communities and the responsible institutions.

Biosphere parks are territories symbolizing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Their aim is to stimulate sustainable economic development of the respective regions, based on clean and preserved nature and the production and supply of certified local products. They are a unifying platform that ensures the participation of all interested parties in the management and decision-making of the respective territory.

In modern biosphere parks, in addition to zones for strict protection, “buffer” zones are also distinguished, as well as “transitional” zones, in which the application of sustainable economic practices based on ecosystem services and the advantages of proximity to the protected area is encouraged.

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