Vasil Hristov, candidate for mayor from the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski”: There is hope, it makes sense – vote for Lyaskovets! : RegNews.NET

Vasil Hristov, candidate for mayor from the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski”: There is hope, it makes sense – vote for Lyaskovets! : RegNews.NET
Vasil Hristov, candidate for mayor from the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski”: There is hope, it makes sense – vote for Lyaskovets! : RegNews.NET

1879 votes, or 36.05%, were received in the first round of the local elections in Lyaskovets by the mayoral candidate from the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski” Vasil Hristov. With this result, on November 5, Hristov faces a runoff against the independent, supported by GERB, Antonio Krastev. Krastev was preferred by 1,719 people, or 32.98%.

At the final stage of the pre-election campaign, Vasil Hristov commented on the results, analyzed and above all thanked all those who want a new beginning for Lyaskovets.

– You are first in the first round, Mr. Hristov. How do you interpret the results achieved in this way?

– Let me first once again thank everyone who supported me and our candidates throughout the municipality and tell them that they are brave and worthy people. These brave and worthy people showed that the civil society in Lyaskovsko is waking up and can no longer suffer the same.

This is what our analysis indicates – there is hope for the municipality to emerge from the timelessness in which it has been wallowing in recent years. Those who voted with #51 for the candidates of the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski” returned this hope. I hope they will do the same on November 5th and with their voices again demand a more orderly urban environment, lit and clean streets without potholes and stray animals, safety, a richer cultural life and all those things that will at least make their lives better. Without wanting to interfere in the affairs of the other parties, I will allow myself to express my respect to their voters, who have also said enough to the previous model of governance in Lyaskovets. My respect goes to all those who listened to their inner conviction and trusted it that it can’t be like this anymore.

-A quick glance at the minutes of the sectional commissions shows that the support for the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski” is greater in the villages. How can we explain this fact?

-Fear is the explanation. The municipal administration is in the city, there are her families, her circle of friends. And when you go down the chain of instilling fear of layoffs, for example, it’s normal for people to worry. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – these fears are completely unfounded. I know how inappropriate it will sound before the voters have had their last word, but if I become mayor, there will be no repression. What sane manager in any field would replace a conscientious and dedicated employee? In the private or public sector, only those who go to work only to dial numbers can worry about their workplace.

Unfortunately, for a large part of the campaign we had to refute completely baseless claims of our main opponents. Instead of explaining our ideas, we had to convince people that there was nothing to fear. Or the other – we were attacked that, excuse my choice of words, but this is a quote – we spit on our competitors a lot. This is categorically not true. Pity the one who thinks moderate criticism is spitting. When the elephant is in the room and you point it out, is it spitting or pointing out the obvious? Don’t answer me.

I believe we were understood correctly by people who were fed up with being crushed.

-You opened the topic of other political formations in Lyaskovets. Prominent figures from local politics stood behind your candidacy. Isn’t that how the vote of their voters is replaced?

-On the contrary, this gives a greater representation of the vote of their voters. I believe that with their support, those who supported me continue to defend the positions of their voters against the previous administration of Lyaskovets. I thank my colleagues for recognizing in me a unifying figure. By the will of the people of Laskov, I reached the runoff and it is my responsibility to bring things to an end. In the name of those who do not want our city and municipality to continue to be among the dying.

Look, I’m not relying on a mechanical overflow of votes, but on support from the people who like the city and who want it to have a future. The more different political formations these people are, the clearer will be the sign that it is time for a change. I hope that people who have not done so in the last few terms of office, because they did not see the point, will come out to vote on Sunday. I appeal to them – there is hope, it makes sense, go out and vote to defeat Lyaskovets. The method is No. 51 for the candidates of the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliyski”.

– You met with strong support from the people of Laskov, but it was not without blows to the waist. Is this how politics should be done, Mr. Hristov?

-Of course not. The voter is disgusted, and so in the runoff, those who vote under the rule are more than those who want to change the 16-year-old management model. We won’t go into that scenario. We will abide by the rule of law and win this election fairly, with duty, honor and responsibility.


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