BGN 48,000 was collected from the charity concert of NFA “Bulgare” for the repair of the children’s ward at the hospital : RegNews.NET

BGN 48,000 was collected from the charity concert of NFA “Bulgare” for the repair of the children’s ward at the hospital : RegNews.NET
BGN 48,000 was collected from the charity concert of NFA “Bulgare” for the repair of the children’s ward at the hospital : RegNews.NET

Almost BGN 48,000 was the income from the charity concert of the National Folklore Ensemble “Bulgare”, which took place last night in the full hall of the “Vasil Levski” DCS. The event was organized by the Rotary Club – Veliko Tarnovo, and all funds from the sales will be invested in the second stage of the large-scale repair and reconstruction of the Department of Pediatrics at MOBAL “Stefan Cherkezov”.

The concert was also dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Rotary Club, which is celebrated this year.

For 20 years I have participated in hundreds of charity causes, balls and events. I myself am a member of a non-governmental organization. But never in my life have I seen an organization with such a meaningful cause! For me, this is an unprecedented case and I deeply bow on behalf of myself and on behalf of NFA “Bulgare” to the people with huge hearts from the Rotary Club – Veliko Tarnovo and to the president of the club Nikolay Tonchev! This was stated by the creator and inspirer of “Bulgare” Hristo Dimitrov in his greeting before the show.

On November 1, we celebrated the Day of People’s Awakeners. These are the folk alarm clocks today! People who unite other people, involve organizations, institutions, foundations with their ideas in order to do a great and significant work. Hristo Dimitrov also said that the children who are being treated at the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo should not feel that they are in a hospital, and that their treatment should be easy and stress-free. He also thanked the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo for the support and provision of the hall and recalled that even in the worst times of slavery, Bulgarians united and managed to preserve our national spirit.

Rhodope longevity and health, Macedonian faith, perseverance, Shopian self-esteem, wisdom and sense of humor, Northern entrepreneurship, Dobruja hard work and, last but not least, Thracian material well-being, the heartfelt choreographer wished to all present in the hall, who ended with the call: Long live Bulgaria!

After the concert, Hristo Dimitrov spent nearly an hour signing autographs of his book “Alternative Loss Theory” and announced that he was donating all proceeds from its sale in Veliko Tarnovo – BGN 1,050 to the cause of the Rotary Club. Singers and dancers from the National Folklore Ensemble “Bulgare” also participated with personal donations.

Residents of Veliko Tarnovo heartily applauded the performances of the ensemble in the exciting performance “This is Bulgaria”, and after the end of the concert, they continued to donate funds in the special urns placed at the exits of the hall.

The activities in the Department of Pediatrics are carried out under the “Firefly” project of the “For the Good” Foundation in partnership with the Rotary Club – Veliko Tarnovo and the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. The total value of the project is about BGN 500,000. The sectors for infants and small children, where small patients from the entire Veliko Tarnovo region are treated, have already been transformed.

The hospital rooms, the intensive care unit and the two manipulation rooms have been transformed into a bright and cozy place that calms children and parents. The department received a new waiting room with a bathroom, the isolator and the reception office have been completely changed. The new look of pediatrics has a children’s corner for play and socialization.

The second stage of the transformation has begun – of the sector for grown-up children and adolescents, for which about 150,000 BGN are needed. All partners in the project call for the involvement of the entire community in Veliko Tarnovo and the country in order to successfully complete the noble undertaking.

photos: Rotary Club – V. Tarnovo and NFA “Bulgare”

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