Turkish bonito for 18 BGN in Burgas

Turkish bonito for 18 BGN in Burgas
Turkish bonito for 18 BGN in Burgas

03 November 2023Friday, 1:00 p.m.

Author: Flagman

The most expensive is the flounder – 35 BGN, surpassing the traditional champion turbot, which costs 25 BGN/kg

Turkish bonito flooded the fish market in Burgas. Bonito can be found at the vendors’ stalls for BGN 18 per kilogram. Turuks are huge, there are also smaller specimens that go for BGN 10 per kilo, writes Trud.

“The lack of fish continues in our bay”, the sea wolves complain. In recent days, saffron has come out, and although it is not the season, they cast their lines and are satisfied with catching one or two cases. The saffron is large and good for grilling and fried, some have even started canning – for winter food.

There is no Chernokop either. The last hope of anglers for November is that the weather will cool down sharply and the bonito may come. The old fishermen say that bonito sometimes didn’t show up until New Year’s, but that was very rare over the years. This fall, for some reason, his migration path has changed and he is going along the east coast – to the neighbors.

It doesn’t matter that they will be late, if the passages appear everything will be fine. In warm weather, it is neither fished, nor can it be salted. It must harden strongly to salt the caught fish. For now, however, it is gone, and the Turkish bonito compensates for the lack of the most delicious fish on the market, the traders of the “Krasnodar” fish exchange recall.

For now, there is still an offer at the stalls. In addition to the large bonito at BGN 18 and the smaller ones at BGN 10, there is lefer at BGN 20, but also for the record 35 BGN per kilo, the mullet is also BGN 10 per kilo. The anchovy is BGN 6 each, the carp on pucks is BGN 10, the hake is BGN 8.50. Also available are mackerel for BGN 7, cleaned mussels for BGN 12, and salted bonito for BGN 14.

The most expensive fish on the market at the moment is the halibut, which, with a price of BGN 35, surpasses turbot, which is sold for BGN 25 per kilogram, and that is for large specimens. Live crabs are also available, and safrid is available for BGN 10 per kilogram.

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