Compensation for subscribers: Over 4,000 households will receive help due to the closed “Heating-Gabrovo”


The government provided BGN 730,000 in compensation for TPP-Gabrovo subscribers. This winter, 4,120 subscribers in the city remain without central heating, as “Gabrovo Heating” suspended its activity earlier this year.

With the funds, Marijana Boeva’s family hopes to cover part of the unforeseen expenses.

“We’re thinking of putting in an air conditioner, which we’ve applied for and don’t have yet, and some kind of small stove – a fan,” says Marijana.

If all 115 households in block “Danube” 1 choose their option, there is a danger that the installation will not last because the building was designed for a thermal power plant.

“In the block, it is planned that each apartment will use one power of the order of 11 kilowatts. If you turn on stoves, boilers, heating elements and other things at the same time, then the fuses will start burning”, pointed out the house manager Hristo Hristov. According to him, the solution is to replace the electrical panels.

On the threshold of winter, however, the state has not yet launched the mechanism by which households will be compensated. The municipality raises the question of why half of the promised BGN 1.5 million is allocated.

“We are asking and there is no answer at the moment. Why were the funds reduced by half, as will be the distribution”, said Maria Yozova, Acting Mayor of Gabrovo Municipality.

Compensations have not been pledged at all for 7 public buildings, three of which are municipal, such as the sports hall.

“I don’t know how many parents will allow their children to train in sub-zero temperatures.” We have an A group of men, we have basketball, we have hundreds of children,” emphasized Rositsa Bakardzhieva, director of the controversial club in Gabrovo. The municipality will look for alternatives, which will require a redistribution of the budget.

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