Powers Summit 2023: The sustainable development of Bulgaria in the foreground

Powers Summit 2023: The sustainable development of Bulgaria in the foreground
Powers Summit 2023: The sustainable development of Bulgaria in the foreground

On November 7, Sofia Tech Park will host the third edition of the Powers Summit forum. The Bulgarian Davos is the most successful platform for a constructive, operational dialogue between government, industry, business leaders, science and the civil sector.

This year, the “Sustainable Development” panel will be attended by chairmen, directors and deans from the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (AIKB), the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCC), IDES and the Faculty of Economics, SU “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

The experts in the module unanimously stand behind the priorities that cannot be delayed and expect specific decisions from the authorities in the next 6 to 12 months. The three key priorities for our country are:

  1. Creation of an Advisory Council to the Council of Ministers, which will include representatives of interested parties (and not only relevant ministries) and will unite the efforts of all organizations working actively to achieve the Global Goals.
  2. Accelerating the work on creating a deposit system in Bulgaria and changing the methodology of calculating the household waste fee based on generated waste.
  3. Accelerating the work on the transposition of the CSRD Directive, with a clear commitment to: complying with the minimum requirements stipulated in it, the transitional periods, and creating a single entry point for the publication of the annual reports on the companies’ activities. Urgent launch and implementation of business support measures (priority grants) under the European programs and under the PVU and increase the resources provided for them in order to accelerate the sustainable transition.

Among the representatives of the legislative power in the Sustainable Development Module will be:

Tomislav Donchev – Member of Parliament, GERB-SDS

Grozdan Karadjov– Member of Parliament, PP “There is such a people”

Yavor Bozhankov – Member of Parliament, PP “We continue the change”

Among the representatives of the executive power in the Sustainable Development Module will bedate:

Kiril Vatev – Minister of Agriculture and Food Republic of Bulgaria

Julian Popov – Minister of the Environment and Waters of the Republic of Bulgaria

George Klisurski – Deputy Minister of Finance R. Bulgaria

and Dr. Boyko Takov Executive Director IANMSP

Ministers and politicians will have the opportunity to “hear” and react to these priorities on November 7, when the Powers Summit 2023 will become a platform for the joint search for solutions for the future of Bulgaria.

If you did not manage to guarantee your place at the summit among the business leaders of Bulgaria and the authorities – you still have a chance!

It’s open waiting list and in the event of a visitor’s refusal – the organizers will notify you on a first-come, first-served basis if there is a free ticket available for you.

For additional information, please visit the Powers Summit website.

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