Unification in the ObS is needed

Unification in the ObS is needed
Unification in the ObS is needed

Zhivko Tabakov hopes that political biases will be left behind in the OB and gives as an example the formation of MK “Levitsata”, which brought together people from different spectrums and achieved a good result

03 November 2023Friday, 1:05 p.m.

Author: Georgi RUSCHEV, Photo: The author

We need to make huge efforts to create a group that is not divided into left and right ideas, but is united for Burgas

Zhivko Tabakov is the founder of civil organization “BURG” and ideologist of MK “Levitsata”, which joined the Municipal Council of Burgas with three councilors. Before the vote, Tabakov formed a broad coalition, showing that he has a rich coalition culture. What will be the path of the MK “Levitsata” in the Burgas Municipality, will it seek a new unification or the formation of a group with one of the political forces, we asked Zhivko Tabakov today.

– Mr. Tabakov, how will the councilors from MK “Levitsata” position themselves in the new Municipal Council of Burgas?

– When constructing the Municipal Council, we will try to play a unifying role, because MK “Levitsata” has shown that there can be a great unification in Burgas. How specifically would we position ourselves? We are also ready for extreme opposition to things we do not agree with, as well as supporting good ideas for Burgas. Because the unification for the development of Burgas should be the basis of the work of this Municipal Council. Therefore, I believe that our role and work should be unifying.

– It is logical to seek a partnership with one of the formations, and your most natural partner would be BSP. But who do you tend to talk to anyway?

– We are working for “Levitsa” to be part of a group in the Municipal Council. Our three representatives have very different profiles. I am a representative of the Civil Union BURG, Kostadin Andonov is a representative of the right-wing formation “Movement Bulgaria of the Citizens”, and Daniel Ivanov is a representative of “Stand Up!”, which is part of the “Left”. Therefore, it is logical for us to have conversations, and such conversations have already been held with a large number of colleagues. Namely – with BSP, which are representatives of the left, with PP-DB, which are representatives of the right. We also have a strong desire to achieve unification with the civil organizations that have found their strong support and are part of this municipal council. Therefore, I call on all of us to make enormous efforts to create a broad group that is not divided into left and right ideas, but is guided by the desire for the development of Burgas. This is also the decision of my colleagues – to achieve a great unification in the Municipal Council, which will work for our city. As we achieved at the beginning of the election campaign with MK “Levitsa”.

– Will this municipal council be more dialogic? We see that GERB may be the largest group, but some municipal councilors who in the last two mandates liked to crush dissenters are no longer there.

– It is absolutely normal to have different opinions during the debates in the Municipal Council. This is the wide tribune of Burgas. We will hear different opinions and different views from her. I strongly hope that a good tone will be preserved during this mandate and that insults and personal attacks will not be allowed. Therefore, I expect the dialogue from the tribune, given our expressed intentions for the development of the city, to be in the name of the better future of Burgas

– Would you support GERB for chairman of the Council of Ministers? In their group there is a magnificent lawyer – Mihail Hadzhiyanev and Prof. Turmanova, who has also done very well in the last 4 years?

– I am sure that both Prof. Turmanova and Hadjiyanev have their professional qualities. But it is too early to answer this question, because we do not know whether there will not be other proposals from both GERB and other political forces. Therefore, we will make this decision on the opening day of the Municipal Council, after hearing the proposals. The fact that GERB is the first political force does not give them the specific right to have the chairman of the Municipal Council-Burgas. It is very important for me to hear their presentation, if they are proposed by the GERB group, about how they see the work of the municipal council, to hear their proposals for the creation of the rules of the local parliament. Because that will be the basis of who we will support. The regulations of the Municipal Council are the desk book on which we will work for the next 4 years. So when we hear whether they want freedom of expression for other groups, that will be at the heart of our decision on who to support.

– What attitude do you expect from the administration – will it be dialogical?

– In my personal capacity, as a municipal councilor, I do not expect anything in a different respect. I expect it as a citizen, because what is done to me will be done to all fellow citizens. What I will insist on is an absolute analysis of the work of the municipal administration and reforms for specific directorates – where in the past we have found weaknesses.

– And what do you want to achieve at the end of the mandate?

– During the campaign, most fellow candidates for municipal councilors noted what Burgas lacks – lack of high remuneration, lack of jobs, the departure of young people from the city. What I dream of by the end of the mandate is that there will not be only findings, but that there will be real solutions in these directions. In such a way that Burgas overcomes its problems.

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