Plevneliev ordered Borisov not to spoil the assembly


The President of Bulgaria in the period 2012-2017 Rosen Plevneliev gave an optimistic forecast for the life of the current government, supported by PP/DB, GERB and DPS – according to him, it will and should exist at least until 2026. His comment in the studio of Nova TV comes against the background of the recent tremors in the state and the “assembly”, as well as the intentions of GERB leader Boyko Borisov to destroy the so-called “non-coalition”.

“In my opinion, the choice (in the second round on Sunday – note ed.) is between Silicon Valley and Maritza-Iztok. I choose Silicon Valley”, said Plevneliev, who was traditionally Euro-Atlantic, while also sending a message to the GERB electorate.

If, in his words, Borisov’s party supports a left-wing candidate in the second round, it will make a “huge historical and strategic mistake for them”.because “communists, national-populists, socialists and Russophiles” were behind Vanya Grigorova’s candidacy.

Borisov predicts that he will have to save Sofia again

The leader directed Sofians to Vanya Grigorova, citing Anton Hekimyan

But above all, if GERB gave their support to Vanya Grigorova, they would pave the way for a future project of President Rumen Radev.

The main reason, the former president believes, for this rhetoric – to inspire the electorate. “Borisov should have mobilized the province,” he said.

A kind of Rubicon in terms of time is set – the year 2026.

Sabrutev on the future of the assembly: Lately, Borisov often jokes

If there is no reform in the services, it will be difficult to move forward, the deputy admitted

“The issue is geopolitical – whatever choice Sofia makes, Bulgaria will make that too. In 2026, we will see Radev’s ambitions (then the mandate of the current head of state expires – note ed.), as the highest representative of Russophilism, to make his decisions. He is attacking every party that can become a force in order to keep the parties divided until 2026,” Plevneliev saw a plan behind the actions of President Rumen Radev. According to him, the head of state wanted to become prime minister after that date.

In short – GERB could debate and have sentiments wanting to destroy the “non-coalition”, but after all, the “Denkov-Gabriel” cabinet will last until 2026“, thinks Rosen Plevneliev.

Anton Kutev expects new political movements in 2024.

Anton Kutev expects new political movements in 2024.

Borisov is too dependent to spoil assemblies just like that

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