Brokers from all over the country gathered in Burgas for a national conference: Black Sea Lighthouse

Brokers from all over the country gathered in Burgas for a national conference: Black Sea Lighthouse
Brokers from all over the country gathered in Burgas for a national conference: Black Sea Lighthouse

More than 260 real estate brokers from all over the country gathered in Burgas at an annual conference organized by the National Association of Real Estate. They are real estate agents, economists, and university professors.

“In the coming years, it will be necessary to work even more diligently to establish our profession in the domestic market, smooth out contradictions, expand cooperation with our foreign colleagues and the academic community. We will have to pay particular attention to the implementation of new technologies, which are already intensively used by our colleagues in more developed markets. I believe that we will be able to cope with the challenges that await us in 2024”, said Dobromir Ganev, chairman of the Board of Directors of NSNI, during the opening.

The real estate sector is an industry that has a huge impact on the economic development of the country. I believe that this conference will mark new opportunities in the way of development of this sector so that it is as sustainable as possible and can withstand all the challenges we have witnessed in the last few years, Eng. Chanka told more than 260 conference participants Koralska, deputy mayor for construction issues in the municipality of Burgas.

During the opening of the conference, a congratulatory address was read by President Rumen Radev. In the first panel, NSNI focuses on macroeconomic topics, geopolitical changes and the new model of thinking and acting for real estate, with emphasis on climate, crises, demographics, interest rates, the Eurozone and the consequences and expectations for the real estate industry.

According to the main macro data for the Bulgarian economy, which are known to us at this moment, in the second quarter of 2023 the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country grew by 1.9 percent, compared to the data for the same period last year at an average indicator for EU countries from 0.5 percent. The World Bank made a forecast that in 2023 Bulgaria’s GDP would grow by 1.4 percent, and in 2025 – by 2.7 percent. Forecasts for 2026 are for a growth of 3.3 percent, Ganev said at the opening of the discussions in the first panel of the conference, quoted by BTA.

“For its part, the European Bank predicts that for the same periods the growth will be 1.6 and 2.6 percent, respectively. Inflation since the beginning of this year in our country is 3.6 percent. The annual inflation for September is 6.3 per cent and is slowing down. According to BNB data regarding household deposits – they are about BGN 76 billion and show an increase of over 10 per cent on an annual basis. Housing loans are BGN 18.7 billion and grow on an annual basis by 18 per hundred”, Dobromir Ganev also pointed out.

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