Art Gallery – Dobrich won first prize in a competition of the Ministry of Culture


Art Gallery – Dobrich (HG) won the first prize in the category “Cultural Institute – Municipal Museum/Art Gallery” in the competition of the Ministry of Culture “Museum Educational Activity” for 2023. This was announced by the cultural institute. The distinction is awarded for contributions to the promotion of cultural heritage and the arts through the creation and implementation of museum education programs.
The recognition is due to the rich and varied educational program of the gallery, evaluated by the high attendance of the organized activities throughout the year. Children from almost all good schools worked and created in the halls and in the “Imagination Workshop”, as well as children from the country and abroad, children with special educational needs, says the Art Gallery. “The evaluation of children and institutions motivates us even more to we are expanding and enriching our activity, creating future connoisseurs of fine art, adds the team of HG-Dobrich.
On the Day of People’s Awakeners, the team of the Art Gallery was awarded the annual award of the Municipality of Dobrich in the field of culture and art “Dobrich”.

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