The sixth edition of the children’s and youth theater festival “Stars on the Stage” begins in Varna


The sixth edition of the children’s and youth theater festival “Stars on the Stage”, organized by the “Harlequin” Art Center, begins in Varna. The opening is tonight, according to the hosts from the Festival and Congress Center. After the ceremony, the performance “Alice in Wonderland” will be shown at the Harlequin Art Center. Bands from Ruse, Pazardzhik and Sofia will be guests at the forum.
In the program on Saturday, viewers can see the performance “Dangerous Adventures” by Nedyalko Yordanov of the theater team at the Secondary School for European Languages ​​”St. Konstantin-Kyril the Philosopher” in Ruse and “Carlson who lives on the roof” by Astrid Lindgren at the “Plastilin” school in Pazardzhik. Two performances will be shown in Varna by the graduates of the “Smehurko” ensemble at the Center for Art, Culture and Education “Sofia”. These are “Sleeping Beauty” by Charles Perrault and “Servants” by Ivan Vazov.
On Saturday, a meeting dedicated to the theater is planned, which will be led by Assoc. Dr. Valeriia Kardashevska.
On the last day of the forum, November 5, Daniela Atanasova and Georgi Penev from the theater formation “Scene Art Studio” in Varna will perform, who will show their production “The Other Reality”, as well as the Youth Theater “Harlequin” with “The Minister” after Branislav Nusic.

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