The paper ballots for the runoff have arrived in Smolyan

The paper ballots for the runoff have arrived in Smolyan
The paper ballots for the runoff have arrived in Smolyan

In the early afternoon, the election papers and paper ballots for the runoff on Sunday arrived in Smolyan with specialized transport. After the cancellation of the CEC’s decision, machines for 77 sections in the district are also expected tomorrow. Paper ballots are once again a different number, according to voters in the five municipalities where there will be runoffs.

“The total number of voters is 51,335. The sections for mayoral elections are 133, and machine voting will be held in 77 sections,” said Smolyan regional governor Zahari Sirakov.

On November 3, there will be runoffs for mayor of Chepelare, Zlatograd and Smolyan municipalities. There will also be a vote for the mayor of the villages of Barutin, Chavdar, Erma Reka, Startsevo, Chepintsi, Vitina and Podvis.

Smolyan is the largest municipality in which there will be voting in the second round for mayor. “For mayor of a municipality, we have approved 35,500 circulation of ballots, and for Podvis there are 200 as circulation. The sections in the municipality of Smolyan remain 89, as they were in the first round. In 46 of the sections, voting will be done by machine, and in five villages elections are produced with machines, of which five villages have a total of 7 machines,” said the chairman of OIC-Smolyan Simeon Velinov.

The machines themselves are being shipped separately and are expected to arrive on Saturday.

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