He made a monstrous racist and sexist statement

He made a monstrous racist and sexist statement
He made a monstrous racist and sexist statement

Dimitar Tomov

I rarely watch the show “Crossroads” on Nova TV, and I could not say what the level is – both of the show and of the guests who are invited to it.

However, on November 2, I managed to hear something that caused anger and indignation from the bottom of my soul.

At the very end of the show, the artist Vasil Kalanovski (elected for the second consecutive term as municipal councilor by PP-DB-SS, note ed.), advocating in support of PPDB candidate Vasil Terziev, said literally the following:

“I have always believed that the mixture, the genetic mixture between different ethnicities always produces visually beautiful results. But on Sundays, no matter how cute the lady is, we’re not going to a mannequin contest, regardless of how many mouths there are, but to elect the mayor of Sofia.”

You don’t have to be a writer, scientist or other representative of the creative and scientific-technical intelligentsia not to cringe at such a monstrous racist and sexist statement. I assume that the citizen-artist Kalanovski has an idea about the meaning of words in the Bulgarian language.

What he said offends the male part of humanity rather than hurts his beautiful female half.

To the irreverent Kalanovski, I inform that the wonderful fate has endowed my family with a Bulgarian daughter-in-law, as well as a Chinese daughter-in-law and a Palestinian son-in-law. Of which I have three grandchildren so far.

I feel deeply affected by the unapologetic tone and ominous assertion of what was born of “the genetic mixture of different ethnicities”. I don’t care at all about Vasil Terziev’s background and campaign for mayor, but the people who are not just his sympathizers, but future rulers (and not only in our capital Sofia) behave in this racist and arrogant way and will demonstrate this attitude towards us “commoners”, “plebs”?

Dear gentlemen, who gives you the right to consider that your ethnic origin is superior to the origin of any citizen of the planet?!

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