I congratulate our players, we believe in them

I congratulate our players, we believe in them
I congratulate our players, we believe in them

Yesterday, the team of the same name from Sliven won its first match of the season in the Southeast Third League with 4:2 over Lokomotiv II (Plovdiv). The success put an end to a nightmare run – 1 draw and 14 losses, some of them with disastrous results.

FC Sliven with its first victory, Valeri Bozhinov watched it

Ivaylo Ruskov, president of FC Sliven commented before Sportal.bg the team situation.

“When we selected the current team in the summer, we knew what kind of start awaits us – many difficulties and bad results. Logical for a squad of young lads, some of whom are still children, without even a minute of involvement in men’s football. We could attract older players, say over 35, as competitors do. Nothing against the experienced ones, some of them are useful not only to their teams but also add class to the championship. However, they have passed their prime and I think we should be building their successors. We have been enforcing this policy for a long time in our club – to give way to the youngsters from our school. We started with these guys, realizing it would be extremely tough, but also believing in their potential. Yesterday’s victory (it could have been with a bigger score), with a total outplay is proof of their qualities. In the previous matches they also demonstrated them, but the results did not support them. I congratulate our players. Not only for the victory over Lokomotiv II (Plovdiv), but also for the desire, ambition and drive with which they go to every match, despite the poor results in the previous matches. We are not euphoric about yesterday’s success. We are pleased that the boys achieved it because it will give them confidence. We are aware that there is still much, much work ahead of us. It takes time and patience. This team is only three months old. He will make many more mistakes. However, the important thing is that we are moving in the right direction.”

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