Stara Zagora Zoo cooperates with the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund to strengthen the deer population in their natural environment


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The Zoo in Stara Zagora has successfully implemented a partnership with the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna to strengthen the population of fallow deer and red deer in their natural environment. Several specimens of the beautiful animals that inhabited the zoo will have their new home in the Kotlenska mountain. “We responded with pleasure to the invitation to join the Fund’s initiative, because zoos have the opportunity to contribute to the natural diversity of animals, which in the wild have greatly decreased in number,” said Dr. Ivelina Ilieva, head of the Zoo. She thanked Emilian Stoinov, chairman of the organization, for the good cooperation. “We also work actively with the Rescue Center for wild animals “Green Balkans” – I am convinced that the collaboration with the various organizations contributes to the improvement of our conditions in the zoo, but we are also beneficial to the environment,” added Dr. Ilieva.

The team located in the natural and beautiful park “Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev” in Stara Zagora Zoo is in close cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Thrace University. “We express special thanks to its dean Prof. Dr. Todor Stoyanchev for the fruitful joint activity. We are happy to accept IV and V year students who support our activities, but also gain valuable knowledge about the breeding and care of wild animals. This is a valuable internship, and for us and our residents it is certainly a great help. We are also pleased by the fact that the graduates of the “Ivan Pavlov” National High School of Veterinary Medicine are also interested, who also conduct external classes with us”, said the head of the Staro Zagorje zoo.


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