End of benefits for Berlusconi’s girls. Who are they and what did they get? – Life

End of benefits for Berlusconi’s girls. Who are they and what did they get? – Life
End of benefits for Berlusconi’s girls. Who are they and what did they get? – Life

2500 euros per month and apartment. This is what Berlusconi’s “girls” get for the damage done to their reputation. It is about 20 young women whose names were sanctified in the so-called “Ruby” trials.

Each of them visited Berlusconi’s villa as a companion during dinner parties and sex parties, which became known by the term “bunga-bunga”.

After the death of the former Italian prime minister in June, the money stopped.

The girls are left without the financial support Cavalera promised them. 11 years after the court proceedings began, the family says “enough is enough”.

Who are Berlusconi’s girls?

Ruby” is Karima El Mahroug, a dancer of Moroccan descent, 17 years old at the time of her visits to the mansion. A public scandal broke out because of her.

In 2010, she was accused of theft and arrested. However, Berlusconi calls the director of police in Milan and orders her to be released, lying that the girl was the niece of the Egyptian president and that her detention was a diplomatic scandal.

That call triggered an abuse of power investigation that grew into the massive case against Berlusconi for pimping girls, some of whom, like Ruby, were underage.

Today she is 30 years old and lives in Genoa with her boyfriend Daniele, together they have a restaurant and are the parents of a daughter.

Barbara Guerra is another Berlusconi girl. During the trial, her telephone conversations with him were published in the media and it became clear that she lived in a villa in Bernareggio owned by Cavalera. Guerra claims her dignity and television career were destroyed after the trial was covered.

Alessandra Solcinellia 38-year-old former TV dancer, admitted to having suicidal thoughts during the trial.

“Berlusconi treated me like a princess, he gave me gifts, including diamonds,” she says. Solcinelli claims that Berlusconi wanted to help her financially to continue her education while she was not working. She received over 237,000 euros.

The Ruby case and the second bribery trial

After a 3-year noisy trial, Berlusconi was finally acquitted. However, the girls insist on being compensated for the trouble they suffered.

Originally in 2013. Berlusconi offers each of his companions 25,000 euros. However, they are not satisfied with the amount and press him for more money.

The lawyers warned the former prime minister that the payments could be interpreted as buying the girls’ silence. But remittances and gifted homes continue – and this does not go unnoticed by the authorities.

In 2017, a second Rubi ter trial began, again in connection with the erotic parties – but this time Berlusconi was tried for corruption and obstruction of justice.

It was during this trial that prosecutors Tiziana Siciliano and Luca Gallo estimated that from March 2012 to February 2023 Berlusconi paid off entire 10,846,123 euros a total of 21 women.

The information that significant sums of money were given was also confirmed by Silvio Berlusconi himself.

More than half of the money went to Ruby. Other girls receive not only a monthly allowance, but also an apartment, the ownership of which is transferred to their name, or they receive the right to use it. For some of them, it becomes the only home.

During the Rubi ter trial, prosecutors accused the Forza Italia leader of paying bribes to the women in exchange for their perjury.

The trial ended with an acquittal at first instance, and after Berlusconi’s death, the prosecution decided to appeal to the Court of Cassation.

Meanwhile, however, his heirs use the occasion to block all payments to the girls. Some of them were also evicted from the apartments.

For all of them, the negative consequences of the case continue. No more Berlusconi and his benefits.

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