You must bring 7 foods to a cemetery, traditionally you must…

You must bring 7 foods to a cemetery, traditionally you must…
You must bring 7 foods to a cemetery, traditionally you must…

Wheat symbolizes the resurrection, bread and wine – in memory of Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Food and drinks prepared for distribution are distributed to relatives of the deceased, to neighbors, to people who are currently at the cemetery (acquaintances and strangers).

The visit to the grave begins with the lighting of candles, the burning of incense and the pouring of wine, the second act being performed from where the deceased’s head is towards his feet. In this case, the casting direction is to the left, making a total of 3 repetitions of one round each. It is desirable that the procedure be performed by the oldest woman, according to the tradition.

The first sip of wine must be poured on the ground – it is not drunk. This also applies to the first bite of bread – it is left on the ground, not consumed. In this case, breads or specially prepared ritual cakes can be used.

During the transfusion, the person who performs it begs God for forgiveness for the sins of the deceased. The procedure is performed first by the oldest woman, and after her, the rest of the relatives of the deceased who have decided to honor his memory by coming to the cemetery can line up after her. Flowers are also left on the grave.

According to the superstitions in which our ancestors believed, if on the day of the holiday a person sees insects (flies, butterflies, etc.) flying around him, it means that the soul of the deceased has come down to earth and rejoices that it is not forgotten by your closest ones.

On this day, services are held in the church, during which prayers are addressed to God for the forgiveness of the sins of the deceased and for the repose of their souls.

As with most Christian holidays, household activities such as laundry and house cleaning are prohibited on St. Archangel’s Day. It is believed that the day should be spent in honoring the memory of the deceased, and performing any daily activities shows that he has been forgotten by his loved ones.

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