All previous mayors pretend that the problem with MBAL Blagoevgrad does not exist

All previous mayors pretend that the problem with MBAL Blagoevgrad does not exist
All previous mayors pretend that the problem with MBAL Blagoevgrad does not exist

“All previous mayors pretend that the problem with MBAL Blagoevgrad does not exist”. The problem is that it is the most wretched state district hospital in Bulgaria, and the usual justification is: “Yes, it is state-owned, 85% owned by the state, we do nothing we can’t do it”. I think just the opposite – the municipality of Blagoevgrad has a share in this hospital, it also owns the land in the hospital, the hospital park, which is in a desperate state. And I think that the mayor of the municipality should have real leadership and to demand from the central government good financing and management for this hospital. Including earmarked funds,” said Metodi Baikushev, candidate for mayor of Blagoevgrad from the PP-DB, in the show “Face to Face” on bTV.

When asked how Baykushev will be a different mayor, he was adamant that the municipality should sort out its priorities and allocate targeted funds for the hospital, be better staffed, because: “a city cannot develop without strong hospital”.

In addition, it will guarantee a transparent, dialogic and competent administration, which will ensure citizens’ access to the municipality – something that is currently lacking.

“Civil society and local business in Blagoevgrad are pushed into a corner. The current mayor does not even have an appointment time – neither during working hours nor during non-working hours. So we will change this very easily, including on one Saturday a month we will provide an opportunity to meet with the mayor,” Baikushev is adamant that he will change the style of management in the city. He also drew attention to the main problem of Blagoevgrad – low incomes, and the solution, according to him, is to attract new investors and create conditions for people to stay in the city.

“The job of the mayors is to attract investors and provide the best possible conditions – both administrative service and an overall business environment in which they feel that they have a real partner,” said Baikushev and noted that at the moment everyone is talking about industrial zones.- “Of course they are important, but just as hospitals do not heal and doctors heal, just as schools do not educate and teachers educate our children, so industrial zones alone will not solve the problem if we cannot create trust of investors. If we don’t ask them for commissions, if we show competence and a clear understanding of what the investor’s interest is. As a person in private business and as a business lawyer, I believe I understand exactly that, I can speak the language of investors and I know what do they actually need”, added the PP-DB mayoral candidate.

Blagoevgrad is one of the cities with the highest voter turnout in the country – 57%, according to CEC data. And the reason, according to Baikushev, is that: “People want a real change of governance in the city and they believed that it could happen”. intelligent enough. The question is why it came to cancel not only the machine vote, but also the machine counting some time ago. Only problems arise from this,” said Metodi Baikushev categorically.

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