Kiril Petkov finally asked GERB for support in Sofia

Kiril Petkov finally asked GERB for support in Sofia
Kiril Petkov finally asked GERB for support in Sofia

The co-chairman of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov asked for support for the fight for the mayor’s seat in Sofia from “all right-wing voters and people with democratic values, such as in SDS, Sinya Sofia and GERB”.

He addressed them with a status on his Facebook profile.

“People, you may not like PP-DB, you may not like me, you may not like the government. But, right-wing people, we cannot afford a communist with phraseology and thinking from 1973 to lead Sofia in 2023.” writes Petkov.

Earlier today, in an interview, the co-chairman of the PP stated that he expects the support of GERB for the mayoral candidates of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, who are against candidates of other formations.

In his first comment after the vote, Boyko Borisov hinted that GERB will support Vanya Grigorova in the runoff on Sunday.

“There is nothing worse than doing something unsolicited – unsolicited good or unsolicited support. And as Hekimyan said – better state property than State Security,” he said then, but clarified the next day that he was joking.

“Since we have not been asked to support anyone, and we have not asked them to support us, each party is free to do whatever they want,” he explained on Wednesday. Borisov even explained that he expected the PP-DB to look for him on the night of the first round in order to arrange mutual support for their candidates in the run-offs.

The leader of GERB surprisingly revealed that before the start of the election campaign, he suggested to Kiril Petkov to run for mayor of the capital, and that GERB should not nominate its own candidate.

On Friday, Anton Hekimyan, who was a candidate for mayor from GERB, suggested who he would vote for in the upcoming runoff.

“Sofia is not faced with any choice. And even the banal hesitation about the lesser evil is hard to argue. The lack of a right-wing candidate in the mayoral runoff race is the worst outcome! However, I will vote not with emotion, but with reason! Crimea is NOT Russian and the direction is Europe, not Eurasia!” Hekimyan wrote on his Facebook profile, implying that he does not sympathize with Vanya Grigorova, BSP.

In the ranks of GERB, however, there is clearly a division on the issue of support.

“Boris Bonev, Lena Borislavova and a large part of the assets, the commentators and analysts of PP – DB, are on their way to show me who I should vote for on Sunday. I would certainly not support parties that hate GERB”, Toma Bykov wrote on Facebook from GERB.

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