Useful tips on how to save energy in winter

Useful tips on how to save energy in winter
Useful tips on how to save energy in winter

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On the eve of the heating season, the Association of Active Users recalls some simple measures with which we can reduce our energy costs in the winter, BGNES reported.

The first advice to all consumers is to use efficient LED lights instead of incandescent lamps, because this can save up to 80% of lighting costs per year. Replacement does not require additional investments, since the prices of LED lamps are already approximately the same as inefficient halogen or incandescent models.

The second method we can apply is to wash our clothes at a lower temperature. Up to 90% of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water. In most cases, we wash at a higher temperature than necessary, but in reality only very heavily soiled clothes need a high temperature. It is important to fill the washing machine or dishwasher completely – not just partially.

The third useful tip for consumers is to reduce the water heater’s thermostat from 90 to 55 degrees, because this will reduce its energy consumption by up to 15%. Practice shows that we very rarely use the entire amount of heated water, and the rest simply cools down. Therefore, it is more reasonable not to overheat the water. Taking shorter showers or installing a water-efficient or adjustable shower head also results in significant savings.

It is important to ventilate regularly, but briefly by opening the windows wide for a minute or two. We should not leave the windows permanently open in an inclined position, because this way much more heat is lost and the ventilation is not as effective.

Consumers can replace an electric heating stove with an air conditioner because it uses up to 4 times less energy for the same amount of heat produced.

Another useful tip is not to cover the radiators with decorative elements, long curtains or furniture, because this prevents the release of heat, which can lead to excessively high heating costs. Also, we should not leave the radiator valves completely off when we are at work or away for a short time in the winter months. It is better to leave them at a lower level so that the rooms do not cool down completely. Otherwise, the radiators will spend additional energy and time to warm up the already completely cooled room.

Make sure the size of the pot or pan matches the size of the stove. If you don’t, the energy consumption can be three times higher than necessary.

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