Another delay with the arrival of the ballots for the second round in Plovdiv


Another delay with the arrival of the ballots, this time for the second round of the elections in the Plovdiv Region. The truck with the election papers arrived 20 minutes late in front of the Regional Administration, where they will be distributed to the 16 municipalities in the Plovdiv region, where there will be traffic jams.

More information about the organization and the election day was given by the chief secretary of the Plovdiv Regional Administration, Georgi Yanev.

“For the second round, the ballots are 886,800, less than for the first round, of course. In two of the municipalities in Plovdiv, we have elected municipal mayors. Krichim and Kuklen have also been elected, so no elections will be held there at all. In four other municipalities, namely Rodopi, Rakovski, Lucky and Sadovo, we also have elected municipal mayors, that’s why the smaller number of ballots are there.”

The number of sections is also smaller – it is 906, that is, 115 less than in the first round. Of them, 34 are removable. For the city, they are 459, in which only 4 are on paper and the rest with machines.

“Machines will arrive tomorrow, but the Regional Administration has no commitment to them, given the fact that everything is organized by Ciela Norma and the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who accompany them to the sections,” he added.

Lucky were the first to receive ballots, but they were late, and so all other settlements and districts also had to wait their turn. The second pallet with the ballots for the Trakia region was inside the truck and this prevented them from being removed. The others had to wait first.

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