It’s Archangel Stew –

It’s Archangel Stew –
It’s Archangel Stew –

Today is the church holiday of Archangel Stew, which is always celebrated on the Saturday before Archangel’s Day – which is on November 8.

It is given to this day tribute to the memory of the deadas well as eternal gratitude to those who died in the ranks of the Bulgarian army.

The Stew of the Archangels, which precedes the great feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, finds its basis in Christian dogmatics for the resurrection of the dead. This is where the respect for the dead comes from, which we as Christians pay at every commemoration and to the suffocated during the year.

On Archangel Stew, like any other commemoration, sweets, candies, fruit, boiled chicken, wine are given out. In addition to the relatives, it is also distributed to the people around the neighboring graves, even if they are strangers. The meaning of Stew is great.

This is not just a day when relatives and friends of the deceased gather at his grave to “eat and drink”. The commemoration that is made is also a commemoration of the living for the deceased, that he is not forgotten. According to theologians it is the connection between the earthly and heavenly Church.

In every Orthodox church in the country of St. Archangel, a General memorial service is held for the deceased, we pray for the souls of the dead and light a candle.

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