Heavy rains caused severe accidents in the country

Heavy rains caused severe accidents in the country
Heavy rains caused severe accidents in the country

Serious accident on the Montana – Sofia road.

The road accident happened in the section between the villages of Blagovo and Borovtsi, reports BTA.

There are police teams on site who they stop the cars and redirect them along a detour route.

It is raining lightly in the area, the road is wet and slippery.

According to the police at the incident no deaths, one person injured.

The road remains closed, on-site inspections continue.

The Road Infrastructure Agency reports that the bypass route is through Montana – Sumer – Perlichevo – Borovtsi and vice versa.

Disasters also blocked the main road Ruse – Veliko TarnovoBNR reports.

Orange code for dangerous weather for the whole of Bulgaria

Weather forecast

In the village of Polikraishte, two Bulgarian and Turkish bullets collided head-on.

The driver of the Bulgarian truck has a broken leg.

All traffic is waiting. Kilometer-long columns have formed, because along the bypass route through the village of Resen there are another serious accident – between three cars.

The heavy rain in Veliko Tarnovo has flooded the roundabouts around the regional hospital.

Separately, a driver died in an accident on the road between Gorna Oryahovitsa and the village of Kozarevets, Nova TV reports.

According to preliminary data, two cars collided. The driver of the other car was taken to the Emergency Department in Veliko Tarnovo.

Traffic in the area has been suspended. Cars are diverted on detour routes. The reasons for the incident are being clarified.

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