A mother of two needs funds to battle an insidious disease

A mother of two needs funds to battle an insidious disease
A mother of two needs funds to battle an insidious disease

Cry for help. A mother of two is fighting for her life. The 35-year-old woman has peritoneal cancer. After attempts at treatment in Bulgaria, now there is a chance for her only in Turkey. The amount for the therapy is prohibitive for her relatives.

Veselina Donkova is the mother of 9-year-old Raya and two-month-old Nora. The joy of the appearance of a new life in the family is quickly overshadowed.

“I have to fight!”. With these words begins Veselina Donkova, who is in Turkey, where her treatment continues. “Because of my children, because of my family, my friends,” the young woman declares to Nova.

The difficult story unfolds a few days after the birth of Veselin’s second child. In one of the capital’s hospitals, the woman hears the diagnosis of cancer. “We visited most of the specialized hospitals. The answer was the same, that the disease is in a rather advanced stage and that the situation is serious”, says Martina Apostolova.

Hope appears when doctors from a clinic in Turkey prescribe treatment for Vesselina. We immediately organized a Facebook group. It is called “Let’s save Vesi” and we opened a donation account where we have already started collecting funds”, says Alexandra Staeva.

Veselina’s relatives are doing everything in their power to collect the necessary funds. That is why they are also preparing a charity bazaar with a concert at the community center in Bozhurishte. 9-year-old Raya, who made cards to help mom, will also be there. “The tickets have a symbolic value of BGN 5,” said Alexandra Staeva.

And Vesi does not give up and believes. “I am very grateful to all the good people who have helped me so far. I want to thank them with all my heart and soul. There are many, many good people”, says Veselina.

The amount needed for the young woman’s treatment is 150,000 euros.

If you want to help Vesselina, you can transfer funds to the following bank account:

IBAN: BG34FINV91501317725890


Owner: Veselin Andrianova Donkova

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