THE TERROR OF THE COMPLEX: The Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor’s Office chased away the members of the electoral commission, which complied with the law to disqualify Asen Vasilev from the elections


Finance Minister Asen Vassilev has mobilized the entire state apparatus to take revenge on his native Haskovo, where he failed to vote in the local vote a week ago, PIK has learned.

Last Sunday, Vassilev’s sectional commission did not allow him to exercise his right to vote, as he was removed from the voter list due to his lack of residency. The problem turned out to be that his current address is on the other side of the planet – in the USA.

Kokorcho poured out all his anger on the municipality of Haskovo after receiving a reasoned refusal to vote. As a result The PIC reported that the election drama was mixed up by representatives of its own government in the person of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRRB).

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At the end of the working week, in order to please Kokorcho, the Minister of Regional Development Andrey Tsekov sent letters to all municipalities with instructions that give instructions on how a voter can prove residency under various hypotheses. This, according to Tsekov, to whom DG GRAO is subordinate, can be done if the voter presents utility bills for electricity, water, internet, paid insurance or insurance, registration with the Labor Bureau, enacted acts of the National Assembly or Presidential Decree and others. Completely convenient for Asen Vasilev, who a week ago tried to prove he was settled with documents from his election as a representative of the people and the minister of finance.

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FROM ABRUPT, MORE ABRUPT: Asen Vassilev jumped on the Haskovo municipality after he was too lazy to check if he had the right to vote (VIDEO)

After the illegal actions of Andrey Tsekov, from GERB jumped in and declared that MRRB not only exceeded its powers, but also clearly violated the Election Code. Shortly before 6 p.m. last night, the ministry withdrew its letter from the municipalities and announced that after the elections they would initiate changes to the Electoral Law.

The impossibility of Vassilev to vote clearly made him ambitious to take revenge on the Haskovians, who are hardly to blame for the fact that he himself did not check in advance whether he was on the voter lists.

Late last night, it became known that the District Prosecutor’s Office-Haskovo has opened a file because of the failed vote of the Minister of Finance.

The members of the Municipal Election Commission in the city were informed that they must appear at the local Ministry of the Interior to give explanations for what happened on October 29 with Asen Vassilev. The members and chairman Dobromir Yakimov will appear in court after the runoff tomorrow to explain to the authorities why they followed the law.

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