Blown away roofs, fallen trees and flooded streets after the strong storm (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria

Blown away roofs, fallen trees and flooded streets after the strong storm (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria
Blown away roofs, fallen trees and flooded streets after the strong storm (OVERVIEW) – Bulgaria

A strong storm hit the whole country. Code Orange for hazardous weather has been announced in all 28 districts.

It is still raining in many places in the western part of Bulgaria, and a strong wind is blowing in the east.

The emergency teams of Sofia Municipality. There were reports of swerving and two fallen trees on the roadways, mainly from the “Krasna Polyana” and “Vitosha” areas.

By order of the mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, in connection with the orange code forecast for precipitation, the emergency teams have been increased. During the day, 10 teams will work, they carry out field patrols and respond to rainfall-related alerts.

Observations are also being made on the levels of rivers and municipal dams, which are currently within the norm. River beds have normal conductivity and there is no danger of spills. The teams of the Metropolitan Inspectorate to supervise the cleaning of shafts, streets and boulevards.

According to data from the General Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”, a strong wind caused damage in the regions of Smolyan, Razgrad and Silistra, where there are many fallen roofs, poles and trees.

IN Silistra Region the worst situation is in the village of Dolets, commune. Dulovo, where the roofs of houses have been blown away, there are fallen poles and trees, it is reported that a tornado has passed.

IN area Razgrad the worst situation is in the villages of Lavino and Todorovo, Isperih municipality. There are reports of over a hundred roofs blown away, poles and trees down. A tornado has passed there as well.

In the words of the elected mayor of municipality of Isperih Belgin Shukri there are also damages in other settlements, but they are on a smaller scale. The Municipal Headquarters for Protection from Disasters and Accidents is currently meeting there.

IN Yambol region Dozens of reports of downed trees and branches were received after the thunderstorm with strong winds and rain. There are no injured or distressed people.

There are single signals for interrupted power supply. There are no neighborhoods without electricity. More than 25 signals were received at the Municipal Operations Center. All employees from the responsible directorates are on site.

Ten villages in Tundzha municipality are without electricity. A tree fell and damaged the bell tower of the church in the village of Pobeda. Works are underway to restore the power supply, the company’s teams are on the ground and are fixing the accidents, Stoev said.

IN municipality of Straldza the road between Vodenichane and Irechekovo is closed due to a fallen tree. Teams are on the ground and are working on its removal, informed the municipal administration.

Over 40 calls in less than 15 minutes were received at the fire and police duty stations in Noisy after a severe storm in the region. Reports of fallen trees were received in various places in Shumen, on the main Shumen-Burgas road, in the area of ​​the village of Dibich, where traffic is restricted and difficult. Reports of fallen trees were also received between the Shumen neighborhoods “Makak” and Mutnitsa”, as well as between the villages of Srednya and Novosel.

All the teams of the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” in Shumen have been mobilized, there are also reports of broken cables.

A report of a fallen tree was also received in the area of ​​the Shumen City Garden. According to initial data, a woman who was under him was injured. A rescue team managed to get her out and put her in an ambulance. She was taken to the Shumen hospital for examination.

A strong wind also caused material damage in the village of Dolets in Dulov. Houses, cars and electric poles were damaged. The village is without electricity and water.

Police and fire teams were dispatched. So far, there is no information about injured people. The wind also caused damage in the nearby village of Paisievo. The road to the village is closed due to fallen trees.

Reports of fallen trees, broken power lines and blown roofs of two buildings were received at the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” in Smolyan. The damage is the result of strong winds in the area.

The district town was partially without electricity for about 40-50 minutes. The power supply in Smolyan and other settlements is being restored after the accidents caused by the wind. Heavy rain continues to fall in the area, accompanied by wind with subsiding gusts.

Tiles were taken from the roofs of two buildings in the village of Tikal. Town Hall teams continue to look around the village to find out if there are any buildings affected by the storm. There are trees felled by the storm in the municipalities of Smolyan, Madan, Chepelare, Banite. The RDPBZN warns drivers that there are fallen trees on many roads in the district.

Numerous reports of fallen branches and trees were also received at the Regional Office “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” after the strong storm in the region of Kazanlak. An organization of the service has been established together with the Municipality of Kazanlak, and work is being done to repair the damage.

The reports are mainly about fallen trees in the vicinity of the city of Kazanlak. There are such on the ring road, on the road between the villages of Dunavtsi – Koprinka, Dunavtsi – Hadjidimitrovo, Hadjidimitrovo – Sheinovo, as well as on the “Shipka” pass. There is one fire team on site, and a second one is about to be called in, he added. Traffic in these sections is difficult.

The heavy rain of the past night has caused flooding in several places and in Pillow case.

The swirling occurred as a result of clogged shafts, which prevented the water from draining faster in them. There were separate flooded areas both in the city center and in the “Church” district, around the bus station and the Shakhtyor bus stop, as well as along the city highway.

In the villages of Zitnitsa and Duvanlii in Kaloyanovo municipality there were accidents and power outages due to the storm.

In the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” in Plovdiv seven reports of fallen trees were received. Three of them were more serious in the village of Beguntsi, the village of Narechenski Bani and in the Karlovo region, where trees fell on roadways.

During the night, teams of the fire department and the emergency rescue unit of the Municipality were on the ground. By now, the water has receded in most of the critical sections.

The “Road Police” called on road users to adapt their behavior to the weather conditions due to the complicated weather situation in some parts of the country. The appeal to the drivers of road vehicles is to reduce their speed and ensure a greater distance to other road users.

The Ministry of the Interior announced that as a result of the intense traffic during the holiday and the rainfall in most of the country, an increase in risky situations and traffic accidents was observed. Since the beginning of the day, 15 serious accidents have occurred.

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