– news – Rumen Radev honored the memory of those who died for Bulgaria at Archangel’s Stew


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The head of state honored the memory of those who died for the country on that day.

A memorial service was celebrated on the occasion of St. Archangel’s asphyxiation in the Military Mausoleum – ossuary of the Central Sofia Cemetery.

The ceremony was attended by the President Rumen Radev, the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev and the Chief of Defense Adm. Emil Eftimov.

The memorial service was celebrated by Belogradchik Bishop Polycarp.

Wreaths in memory of the soldiers who died in wars, in peacekeeping operations and in the performance of military duty in peacetime were presented on behalf of the President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel, the National Assembly, the Bulgarian Red Cross and other organizations.

On the Saturday before the church holiday of the Feast of St. Archangel Michael (Archangelov’s Day) – November 8, a stew is celebrated, also known as “Archangel’s stew”, “Rangel’s stew”, “Hrangelovo doushe”, “big stew”, “man’s stew” .

It is the last of the three great feasts that Orthodox Christians celebrate every year. On Archangel Stew, as on any other commemoration, wheat, bread, wine, sweets, candies, fruit and other foods are distributed. Apart from the relatives, it is also given to the people around the neighboring graves, even if they are strangers, writes BTA. On this day, the commemoration that is made is also a commemoration of the living for the deceased, that he is not forgotten. On Archangel Stew, honor is paid to the memory of the officers and soldiers who died for Bulgaria, and to all those who fell in the ranks of the Bulgarian Army.

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