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A new “dealer” of public transport tickets spotted in Plovdiv


A new “dealer” of public transport tickets has been spotted in Thrace. The man was filmed by a citizen walking around the bins located near bus stops and collecting discarded single-use travel cards. All of them will soon be handed over for a modest sum of money to those working in the public transport sector in Plovdiv. Drivers and conductors will then push them to passengers, who will pay a regular fee of BGN 1 to receive a tattered and dirty ticket.

This comes just a day after TrafficNews reported for another similar scheme, and from the municipal enterprises OKT and “Municipal Police” committed to investigate the case.

We remind you that thanks to this scheme, not only the people of Plovdiv are harmed, but also the transport companies, which will not report their real income. The latter also affects the coffers of the Plovdiv municipality, which continues to pay subsidies to the carriers because they operate at a loss.

The media also reported to us about this “dealer” of tickets to OKT and “Municipal Police”.

The head of “Transport Organization and Control” Georgi Stoilov clarified that active actions have already been taken in relation to the previous signal. A team sent to the scene seized a large amount of tickets from the man we told about yesterday. It remains to be seen whether further action will be taken against him.

“Municipal Police” has planned additional patrolling and monitoring for illegal trade in discarded tickets.

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