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A strong storm knocked down trees and damaged cars in Yambolsko

A strong storm knocked down trees and damaged cars in Yambolsko
A strong storm knocked down trees and damaged cars in Yambolsko

After the strong thunderstorm that broke out over the Yambol region, have been filed dozens of alerts for fallen trees and branches. Despite the force of the wind and the rain, there are no injured or distressed peopleassured the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tatiana Pavlova.

A total of 15 cases of fallen trees were registered in the city of Yambol itself, such as two of them damaged cars. Despite isolated incidents of power outages, most of the city remains with a functioning power supply, with no major breakdowns on the distribution network.

In the villages of Tunja municipality, the situation is more serious, with ten of them left without electricity. Efforts are being made to restore the power supply, and teams of the electricity distribution company have been mobilized to the field to eliminate the problems that have arisen. An unpleasant incident happened in the village of Pobeda, where a tree fell on the bell tower of the local church.

The road between Vodenichane and Irechekovo in the municipality of Straldza is also affected, after a fallen tree forced authorities to temporarily close it. Work is underway to remove the obstacle and restore traffic.

A storm left Smolyan without electricity

The houses in the village of Katranitsa were left without roofs

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