NEWS – President of the Republic of Bulgaria

NEWS – President of the Republic of Bulgaria
NEWS – President of the Republic of Bulgaria
2023-11-04 17:15:00

The President: Bulgaria needs prepared people who understand and can manage the complex processes in national security and the economy

In the conditions of dynamic geopolitical processes, in a deteriorating security environment, shocks in the economy, crises of all kinds, Bulgaria needs not only strategic documents and programs, but prepared people who understand and can manage complex processes in national security and the economy. This was stated by President Rumen Radev at the solemn meeting on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Higher School of Security and Economics in Plovdiv.

The head of state highlighted the established role of the university as an important educational center of importance not only for the Plovdiv region, but also for the country and with high international recognition, in which new forms and methods of learning are introduced. The president also welcomed his social program, which helps students who cannot afford higher education. “I believe that this program is part of our common efforts to fight inequalities and build us as a society based on humane values,” pointed out Rumen Radev.

The President congratulated the students on the choice of specialties in the field of security and economy, which are particularly relevant today, in the conditions of upheavals in Europe caused by the wars in the neighborhood. “You have the honor to actively participate, to manage these processes, and we will rely on your knowledge, will, energy, ambitions and patriotism,” the head of state said. He also emphasized the importance of the transformation of the Bulgarian economy towards production with high added value, high productivity, export of finished products, not raw materials, and an accelerated transition to a circular and green digital economy.

Within the framework of the event, diplomas were awarded to graduates with excellent results from the 2023 Graduation of the higher school. The honorary badge of the head of state for merits in the development of education was presented to the president and one of the founders of VUSI, Prof. Ph.D. George Manolov.

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