We want young people to stay in Bulgaria, and our compatriots to return from abroad

We want young people to stay in Bulgaria, and our compatriots to return from abroad
We want young people to stay in Bulgaria, and our compatriots to return from abroad

We are working to make Bulgaria a country where young people want to stay and our compatriots abroad want to return. This was stated by the Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov at the opening of the largest career forum for Bulgarians, which is held in Vienna “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?” and which is part of the “Bulgaria wants you” initiative. “Bulgaria not only wants you, Bulgaria needs you,” the minister addressed our compatriots abroad.

This is the third event in Europe that the platform has organized, but the first in which institutions are involved on an equal footing with companies from the private sector. The forum in the Austrian capital was attended by over 1,000 Bulgarians living abroad and dozens of companies looking for their new employees locally, the press center of the Ministry of Economy reported.

With its participation in the initiative, the Ministry of Economy and Industry became the first institution to be included in the “Bulgaria wants you” platform. “We hope to contribute to the fact that Bulgarians around the world return home, where they can find their successful fulfillment”, he pointed out Minister Bogdanov.

In front of our compatriots in Vienna, the economic minister emphasized that the implementation of a transparent and public policy and the realization of prepared people with expertise in the administration is one of the main priorities of the ministry.

“We do it because we believe that in Bulgaria young people can find their professional fulfillment, build a home and a career. We believe that they can contribute to the development of our institutions by being close to their closest people,” said Bogdanov, quoted by the ministry’s press center.

Within the framework of the forum, Minister Bogdanov introduced the participants to the conditions under which Bulgarians from abroad can apply both for work in the public enterprises of the Ministry and for the services for commercial and economic affairs (STIV). “Our compatriots outside of Bulgaria no longer have restrictions to apply to become commercial representatives of our country around the world and thus contribute to our country becoming more and more recognizable as an investment destination for business development, as well as to support the export of Bulgarian companies to foreign markets”, added the economic minister.

He recalled that the Ministry of Economy manages over 12 industrial zones and state-owned enterprises in which Bulgarians from abroad can also find employment. “The opportunities for development are great not only in the private sector, but the state is also taking concrete steps to create a solid base in which to attract people who have gained certain experience and can transfer it to Bulgaria,” Minister Bogdanov explained.

The Minister of Economy also welcomes the business representatives who participate in the forum and help young talents to find their professional path in our country.

“When we, the institutions, and the business join forces, then we will succeed in convincing young people to return to their homeland,” the economy minister pointed out.

The “Bulgaria Wants You” event is supported by the Embassy of Bulgaria in Austria and Societa Bulgarica – the association of Bulgarians in Vienna.

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