Two people died after the storm in Shumensko, a whirlwind damaged hundreds of houses

Two people died after the storm in Shumensko, a whirlwind damaged hundreds of houses
Two people died after the storm in Shumensko, a whirlwind damaged hundreds of houses

Two men died after the strong storm in Shumensko, the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Shumen Asya Yordanova reported. One victim was 51 years old from the village of Razvigorovo, and the other died at the age of 67 from Veliki Preslav.

After the storm, a wall of a house in the village of Razvigorovo fell and buried one man, who died on the spot. Another man from Veliki Preslav died after going to the outskirts of the city to meet his animals from grazing. He is believed to have stepped on a downed electrical wire. Two dead sheep were also found next to it.

The place is cordoned off, teams of the electricity distribution company are expected to secure it before the inspection begins, noted Yordanova.

A whirlwind blew off the roofs of hundreds of houses

Saturday’s storm caused serious damage in some villages in northeastern Bulgaria and brought heavy rainfall to the western part of the country. The most affected settlements were in Dulovsko and Isperihsko, through which a very strong whirlwind passed.

The worst situation is in the villages of Lavino and Todorovo, Razgrad district, where the whirlwind took away more than 100 roofs, many electric poles and trees were knocked down.

The situation is similar in the village of Dolets, municipality of Dulovo, Silistrensko, where a whirlwind also passed through and damaged the roofs of dozens of houses.

The strong storm also hit the Shumen area in the afternoon. The police reported a fallen tree in the area of ​​the City Garden in Shumen. According to initial data, a woman who was under him was injured.

A rescue team managed to get her out and transport her to the hospital, bTV reported.

Hail hit the village of Belokopitovo, where there are reports of damage to plantations. There were fallen trees on the road to Karnobat, as well as on the road to the village of Ilia Bluskov. There, the police officers involved in the security of the election process assisted in clearing the roads with the help of citizens.

On Saturday, an “orange” code for dangerous weather was announced for the territory of almost the entire country. In many places in Western Bulgaria it was raining heavily, and amounts were around 40-70 liters per sq.m.

In Eastern Bulgaria, a strong southerly wind was blowing with gusts of around 25-28 m/s.

The rain that fell overnight in Western Bulgaria was close to the usual amounts for a whole month, climatologist Simeon Matev told Nova TV on Saturday morning.

“The largest amounts of precipitation are in the extreme southwestern regions and in the central parts of Western Bulgaria, and these amounts are between 30 and 50 liters per square meter, which is approximately equal to the monthly norm. Thanks to these precipitations, precisely in Western Bulgaria by noon, due to the ongoing rains, it is possible that there will be an increase in the river levels in places, which could cause local floods,” noted Matev.

According to the climatologist, the rainfall will have a rather beneficial effect because of the drought in recent months.

“We haven’t had serious rainfall and the situation with agricultural crops is not good. Now these rainfalls will significantly improve the moisture reserves in the soil. They will allow the autumn plants to develop and enter winter dormancy with a reserve of moisture,” said Matev.

According to him, it is very unlikely that snow will fall before November 20 in the plain parts of the country, and November will be warmer than usual.

Problems in Pernik and Sofia

The rain that fell during the night turned part of the streets of Pernik into lakes. There were flooded areas both in the city center and in the “Church” quarter, in the area of ​​the bus station and “Shakhtyor”, on the outer-city highway, reports Nova TV. At the moment, the water has drained away in most of the critical sections, reports the municipality.

During the night, the teams of the Capital Municipality responded to 8 reports of swerving and two fallen trees on the roadways. The signals are mainly from the “Krasna Polyana” and “Vitosha” regions.

In connection with the forecast for intense rainfall, observations are being made today of the levels of rivers and municipal dams, which are currently normal.

Bulgaria fell on the periphery of the storm Kieran, which caused the death of 15 people in Western Europe.

Casualties in Western Europe

At least six people have died in central Tuscany, Italian authorities said, declaring a state of emergency as forecasters reported record rainfall.

Three other people died off the coast of Portugal when a yacht ran aground north of Lisbon in strong waves.

In the Belgian city of Ghent, falling branches killed a five-year-old Ukrainian boy and a 64-year-old woman. Earlier, falling trees killed a truck driver in his vehicle in the northern part of France, in the Ain region.

On the Channel island of Jersey, hotel residents had to be evacuated overnight as gusts of up to 100 mph (164 km/h) damaged many homes, local media reported.

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