A runoff will determine who will be the mayor of Dobrich


The second round of local government elections today will determine who will be the mayor of the city of Dobrich. The runoff will be between Krasimir Nikolov and Yordan Yordanov.
The results of the first round held on October 29 showed that Krasimir Nikolov, nominated by GERB-SDS, who was voted for by 4,708 people or 21.88 percent, will appear in the runoff with the previous mayor Yordan Yordanov, who collected 5,854 votes or 27. 21 percent from the support of well-wishers. It was raised by a local coalition “Bulgaria of Citizens Movement”, “There is such a people”, NDSV, the Union of Free Democrats, “Voice of the People”, VMRO – BND.
Voter turnout in the municipality of Dobrich was 29.96 percent.
Today, 74,285 voters have the right to vote in the municipality of Dorbich. They will be able to vote in 129 sections. This includes a mobile sectional committee and sections in the Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment and the Home for the Elderly. In 126 sections on the territory of the municipality, it will be possible to vote with machines.
Two more runoffs will determine the mayors of municipalities in the Dobrich region.
There will be a second round in Balchik municipality. The results of the vote on October 29 determined that Parsek Salbashyan, who is supported by the “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” coalition, and the candidate for the fifth term, Nikolay Angelov, who was nominated by an initiative committee, should appear in the runoff.
A runoff will also determine the next mayor of Kavarna. There, voters will choose between Tsonko Tsonev, who was nominated by the “New Time” party, and the current mayor, Elena Baltajieva, who is supported by a local VMRO-BND coalition (“There is such a people”, “Future for the Motherland”).
A second round of the local elections will also be held in ten villages of the Dobrich region: Zmeevo, Kranevo, Prespa and Tsrkva in Balchik municipality, Yovkovo in General Toshevo municipality, Odertsi in Dobrichka municipality, Kolkovnik Dyakovo in Krushari municipality, Kableshkovo, Orlyak and Popgruevo in Tervel municipality.

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