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A tornado passed through the village of Lavino near Isperih. It took the roofs off over 100 houses. A state of emergency has been declared.

The damage is like after military action. Houses without roofs, broken electricity poles, blown fences, uprooted trees.

For now, people are still in their houses: surveying the damage, most crying because they have spent their lives building these homes. In the municipality of Isperih, a headquarters is meeting and an option for accommodation in the kindergarten and the sports hall of the village is being discussed. Some people will go to relatives. Disaster Narrative – Now:

“I don’t know how we’re going to get better (cries). I’ve done it all my life, I’ve touched everything in this house and it’s scary. The most important thing is that we’re alive and well. We were shopping and my daughter called and said something terrible happened, crying. I have no words,” said Boyanka, a resident of the village of Lavino.

Boyanka’s home is uninhabitable, the animals in the outbuilding miraculously survived, an electric pole fell and crashed into the car.

“A tornado came and took everything. We remained hungry,” said Mehmed Mehmed.

“We can’t live, the house has fallen, the roof tiles”.

When the tornado hit the village, Bahcher was outside.

“The blizzard came from this side with a storm. I could barely reach the houses – pillars, destroyed houses. Sheet metal on the tree,” shared Bahcher Ahmed.

Disaster in numbers looks like this:

“Perhaps over 100 houses, probably up to 150, whose roofs have literally been blown off, there is not a single brick. The electric poles in almost the entire settlement have been broken. At the moment we have no reports of injured people, thank God, but many houses are in critical condition. People cannot go home in them because they are dangerous to live in,” said Chief Inspector Konstantin Kostov – Head of the Isperih District Administration at the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Razgrad.

The damage to Fikret’s house is like after a bombing. News of the tornado found the man and his family in the hospital, where he recently underwent surgery. When he realized that his house was his house was destroyed, he came to the place, now they have no choice but to return to the medical facility because they no longer have a roof over their heads.

“I have been living here for 53 years,” Fikret said.

“Now we stayed on the street, here is my husband with crutches. We don’t have any money, we stayed on the street.”

Lovino welcomes the evening in darkness and waits for the morning with the hope of help.

The Bulgarian Red Cross will send volunteers and psychologists to the village of Isperih tomorrow to help the homeless, stressed adults and children. BCHK is ready to provide blankets and mats.

From tomorrow, by order, the entire municipal administration will begin to describe the damage. The OD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will set up posts, as the damaged houses are uninhabitable and need security. The village is without electricity, and work is being done to restore it.

After the damage is described, the Municipality of Isperih will send to the Interdepartmental Commission a request for compensation for the damage, the Regional Governor will also send an opinion. Public buildings and private homes were damaged.

The regional governor sent employees of the Regional Administration to check in other settlements where there were reports of damage. In the village of Veselina, municipality of Loznitsa, trees and an electricity distribution pole fell.

Due to damage to the power grid, there will be no electricity tonight, except in the village of Lavino and in the villages of Burdokva, Todorovo, Kitanchevo, Sredoseltsi, Konevo and Kapinovtsi, all from the Isperih municipality. The problem of electricity in these villages will also lead to a problem of water supply. Throughout the night, work will be done and the power supply will be gradually restored.

The Municipality of Isperih is starting to recruit volunteers for cleaning up and repairing the damage in Lavino.

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Photos: Milena Kirova

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