Poll: Will well-wishers vote in the runoff tomorrow?

Poll: Will well-wishers vote in the runoff tomorrow?
Poll: Will well-wishers vote in the runoff tomorrow?

The decisive vote is coming up in Dobrich, where the residents of the city will determine who will rule the 9th largest settlement in Bulgaria. Dobrich has an area of ​​109.2 km² with 17 neighborhoods – residential areas. Balik, village Druzhba 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, ext. South East, gh. Izgrev, gh. Hristo Botev, village Iglika, village Builder, gh. Dobrotitsa, Rila blocks, Riltsi quarter, Jovkovo quarter, Pineta quarter and Aviograda quarter.

Hours ago, we published a poll on the website of Pro News Dobrich, in which until this moment (8:30 p.m.) they have voted 419 site visitors. The question they were answering is “Will you vote in the runoff for mayor of the Municipality of Dobrich?“.

Of those who voted, they least preferred the option that they would vote, but did not choose which of the two candidates /Yes, I haven’t chosen a candidate yet/. 16 people or 3% of those who voted were undecided.

Those who will vote but with “I’m not rooting for anyone” are 35 people out of 419 or 8% of those who voted in the survey. We remind you that among the options for one or the other candidate there is also a third for those who want to vote in protest. In practice, this vote only increases voter turnout.

The option yes they don’t vote chose 65 of those who voted or 15%, noting that the poll result is not a representative sample of the population, but only of those who read electronic media.

The option with the most votes is “Yes, I have already selected a candidate“, with a total of 303 out of 419 voters choosing her, or 72%. This means that these people have chosen to vote for one of the two candidates who received the most votes on October 29 and are running for a runoff.

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