BABH started autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies

BABH started autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies
BABH started autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies

The autumn vaccination of foxes against rabies starts today in several areas of the country.

Prevention is carried out by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. Vaccination will be carried out by air via airplanes and by hand. It will cover the 50-kilometer zone along the northern, western, and southern land borders of the country, as well as the 20-kilometer zone along the Danube River. The campaign will cover 23 districts, including Haskovo.

In areas where overflight is not possible and vaccines can be dropped from the air, as well as near water bodies and populated areas, they will be laid manually.

For the first time, Haskovo Region was included in the National Program for Vaccination against Rabies in Wild Carnivores in 2018.

Rabies is a dangerous viral disease that affects all mammals and humans, with a fatal outcome. Wild predators are the main reservoir of rabies in our country, mainly foxes and, to a lesser extent, jackals.

The vaccine baits that will be dispersed are cube-shaped and have a specific smell that attracts predators. Veterinarians recommend not touching them with unprotected hands, because if the integrity of the shell is broken, the vaccine can be dangerous to human health. In case of contact with the lures, it is good to consult a doctor.

Vaccines do not pose a health risk to other wild animals. It is recommended that domestic animals be kept closed or on a leash so that they do not accept the baits, warns the BABH.

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