Traffic police warned of a complicated road situation in many areas of the country

Traffic police warned of a complicated road situation in many areas of the country
Traffic police warned of a complicated road situation in many areas of the country

The traffic police calls on drivers to be extremely careful and cautious when driving in the conditions of bad weather that has covered different parts of the country in recent hours. The rainfall in the western regions and the strong wind in the eastern part of Bulgaria have created conditions for accidents on the road, including falling branches and landslides of earth masses and stones, warned the Press Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The traffic police recommends reducing the speed and increasing the distance from other cars. These measures are particularly important in the context of increased weekend traffic, which traditionally leads to an increased risk of road traffic accidents (Traffic Accidents). Since the beginning of the day, 15 serious road accidents have been registered.

Strong winds caused significant damage in the Smolyan, Razgrad and Silistra regions. In Smolyan, specifically in Banite municipality, there have been reported cases of numerous fallen trees. Silistra region has also suffered heavily, especially the village of Dolets, commune. Dulovo, where the element damaged the roofs of the houses and led to the fall of poles and trees. According to reports, the region was also affected by a tornado.

In the Razgrad region, the villages of Lavino and Todorovo, commune. Isperih, are among the hardest hit, with roofs blown off and infrastructure elements down after the tornado passed through.

At the moment, there have been no reports of seriously injured people as a result of the bad weather, but material damage has been caused.

We remind you that taking into account the weather conditions is especially important in the autumn-winter season and all road users must follow the safety instructions, as well as inform themselves in a timely manner about the road conditions from the website of the Road Infrastructure Agency. Drivers should follow the directions of the Traffic Police and temporary road signs, if any.

The Road Infrastructure Agency appeals to drivers to follow traffic rules, to drive carefully, keeping a distance and at an appropriate speed, not to undertake risky overtaking that endangers the safety of all other travelers. Driving under the influence does not guarantee a shorter trip, but it does endanger the lives and health of everyone else who obeys the rules.

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