Daniela from Dobrich is fighting a serious and rare disease, she needs BGN 110,000 for an operation

Daniela from Dobrich is fighting a serious and rare disease, she needs BGN 110,000 for an operation
Daniela from Dobrich is fighting a serious and rare disease, she needs BGN 110,000 for an operation

Daniela Prodanova is from Dobrich and has been fighting a serious and extremely rare disease for two years. He experiences constant sharp pain. For an operation, she needs BGN 110,000, which is too much for the family.

The young woman raises the funds through the platform https://pavelandreev.bg. There she talks about her illness and the hope for a cure:

“My name is Daniela and I am turning to you with a call for help. I have desperately put off writing this for a long time, fighting with all the strength I have, even more so that I don’t have to, in the hope that things will work out.

It all started two and a half years ago and since then the struggle for me and my family has been non-stop. She is ruthless and cruel. I never believed that my body could experience such strong, burning and sharp pain. Neuropathic – everyday and chronic. I never thought that my mind could feel such paralyzing fear, anxiety, despair, powerlessness and a bunch of unknown sensations.

First it was the pain in the spine, and then it spread to the sacrum and feet, with bone erosion and other symptoms that I cannot pronounce or describe. I will never forget the days when my whole body was on fire and no one could touch me, and the nights when I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t wash my skin next to the bed. Since then, we have visited over 30 specialists in the field of neurosurgery, neurology and others, both in the country and in Turkey and Italy. We had consultations with doctors from Austria, Germany and America. I was in the hospital more than once, had hundreds of physical therapies, took dozens of medications, all without success.

At first it was very difficult to get a diagnosis. Then one of our prominent neurosurgeons pointed it out for the first time, and doctors from abroad confirmed it.

The diagnosis is very rare, extremely unknown and affects up to 5% of the population, and in only less than 1% of them it occurs with terrifying symptoms that significantly limit the way of life and in many cases lead to disability. It is called “Perineural cysts of Tarlov” and affects the central nervous system.

I still can’t believe I’m writing this, that it’s not another nightmare. I thought I kind of accepted it. The diagnosis maybe, but not that my condition will always be like this. That’s why I’m turning to you and sharing the most intimate, with the hope that you will help me raise the sum of BGN 110,000 by the middle of January so that I can undergo an operation with Dr. Frank Fegenbaum, an American doctor, who comes three times a year to Cyprus to perform operations on patients from Europe.”

Anyone who wants to support Daniela can do so by donating in one of the following ways:

– Donation account in BGN at DSK:


– Revolut:

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