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Streets remained under water in Asenovgrad


Streets remained under water in Asenovgrad after the heavy downpour. This is what local residents report, writes

“Can the municipality apply for boats for transportation?” Here, where I photographed, there is basically a shaft for the water to flow out, but alas, it was repaired several times and now the slope is towards the Moon, not towards the shaft. At the moment there is so much water that even the water goes to the shaft, but it does not enter inside for one reason or another! This is the intersection of “Ensign Vishnyakov” and “Otets Paisiy” street next to “Otets Paisiy” school! And this is not only now, but every time it rains”, writes Kadri Selimov.

Another resident of Asenov shows footage from “Tsar Ivan Asen II” street in the central part of the city.

However, some local residents countered that there was nothing that could be done against such weather.

Danny Garfield showed footage from Ireland, where it was seen that the water had flooded almost part of the buildings and cars, and asked: This was in Ireland 3 days ago, surely our municipality is to blame and not the heavy rain?

“The whole summer there was a drought, one rain fell and half the city roared again, that’s it, no one is pleased. It doesn’t rain, it rains, it rains twice as much,” adds Atanas B.

As we reported today, storms and floods affected dozens of settlements in the country. A tornado even passed through Isperih Municipality, which took the roofs off nearly 100 houses.

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