Over 200 calls were received by the country’s fire departments due to the rains and hurricane-force winds Shore News

Over 200 calls were received by the country’s fire departments due to the rains and hurricane-force winds Shore News
Over 200 calls were received by the country’s fire departments due to the rains and hurricane-force winds Shore News

Fire departments across the country received over 200 reports of accidents, associated with the storm and strong wind today.

At the moment, there are no reports of injured people, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The strong wind and intense rainfall have caused the most serious damage to the territory of the districts Smolyan, Targovishte, Razgrad and Silistra. At this moment, 280 firefighters and rescuers, with 97 units of equipment, are involved in the removal of fallen roofs, poles and trees.

IN Silistra Region a tornado passed through the villages of Dolets, Prohlada, Kolober and Sekulovo and as a result many roofs were damaged, poles and trees fell. Employees from the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” (RDPBZN) – Dulovo are involved in liquidating the accidents.

On the territory of municipality of Isperih there are populated areas without electricity. In the villages of Lavino and Todorovo, roofs were damaged, poles and trees fell. A state of emergency has been declared in Lavino after the hurricane wind accompanied by rain. The decision was made at a meeting of the Municipal Crisis Staff, the newly elected mayor of Isperih Municipality, Eng. Belgin Shukri, told BTA. He stated that the severe storm, which broke out shortly after 12:00, lasted for about five to six minutes. The roofs of over 150 houses were blown away. More than 10 electric poles and wires have been knocked down.

At the moment, apart from the village of Lavino, there are a dozen other villages without electricity, Shukri said. According to him, teams of “Electrical Distribution – Sever” are working to eliminate the accidents, and in Lvivino the work will continue for a longer time.

He specified that no one was injured. Most of the people living in the damaged properties preferred to stay in their houses, another part stayed with relatives and friends in the village. The municipal management and the mayor of the village are ready, if necessary, to house people in the former kindergarten in the village. A commission will be formed tomorrow to inspect the damage, Shukri added.

Firefighters and rescuers from RDPBZN-Razgrad participate in liquidation of accidents.

More than 30 trees have fallen in Razgrad municipality. According to data, by 15:00 the strong wind had started to subside.

More than 30 reports of accidents have been received on the territory of the Smolyan region. informed by the Ministry of the Interior. Employees of RDPBZN-Smolyan participate in the liquidation of accidents. According to data, as of 3:00 p.m. there are settlements without electricity. The situation on the territory of the district has started to normalize.

In Sliven, the wind reached 100 km/h today, eddies formed in places in the city.

ChA state of emergency has also been declared in Devnya due to a storm accompanied by heavy rain. A team from the volunteer unit and the fire department are on the ground in the city and are removing fallen trees and poles. Villages in the region of Devnya municipality are also without electricity.

A tree fell on a woman in Shumen. The woman injured in the City Garden after the strong storm is 66 years old. After an examination at the local hospital, it was found that she had a fracture of the first lumbar vertebra, a dislocated right ankle and a fracture of the fibula of the right leg, said the spokesperson of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Asya Yordanova, quoted by BNT. More than 40 calls were received in less than 15 minutes at the duty units of the fire department and the police in Shumen after a strong storm. It is difficult to travel on roads in the region.

The Yambol villages of Kozarevo, Boyadzhik, Zlatari, Drazhevo, Simeonovo and Trunkovo ​​are without electricity. Wires are broken in the cemetery park of Yambol. There are downed electric cables in various districts of the city, but the power distribution company has put power on an alternative route.

A tree damaged the renovated sheds and the bell tower of the church in the village of Pobeda. 15 reports of incidents were received in Yambol ODMVR after the storm. Fire safety and civil protection officers are working on the reports.

In the municipality of Straldzha, the road between Vodenichane and Irechekovo is closed due to a fallen tree. Teams are on the ground and are working on its removal, informed the municipal administration.

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