They are starting up the heating in Sofia in stages from November 5


From November 5 (Sunday) the supply of thermal energy will gradually begin to the customers of “Toplofikatsia Sofia”. This was announced by the company.

Schools and kindergartens will be powered first, and then administrative and residential buildings.

The company reminds its customers that before starting the heating in their buildings, it is important to complete all repairs on the internal installations. They should be filled with water if they are drained.

The heating will not be turned on in the buildings in which the internal heating installation is not filled, warns “Toplofikatsia Sofia”.

From there, they also remind their customers to open the valves of the radiators to the maximum extent, so that additional venting of the heating elements is not necessary. It is also important for subscribers to check the displays of the electronic devices for partitioning installed on the radiators and if they find any irregularity, to contact their heat accountant, adds the company.

Customers can get additional information regarding the start of the heating season by calling 0 700 11 111, as well as on the company’s digital information channels.

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