This is what the village is like without a bought vote and without a road (VIDEO) – News

This is what the village is like without a bought vote and without a road (VIDEO) – News
This is what the village is like without a bought vote and without a road (VIDEO) – News

November 4, 2023 11:06 am

Record number of alerts for election violations were reported on Friday by the Ministry of the Interior – 2168, as over 1160 of them are for vote buying. The district with the fewest signals is Kardzhali, and Burgas is among the record holders, it says NOVA.

Contrary to what has been established that everyone wants to be a boss in our country, this year, at least in the Kardzhali region, there was no avalanche of candidates for mayors. In about 200 villages in the region, there was only one candidate for mayor. It is the same in the village of Madrets, where the voters reason wisely, and the choice is made according to the situation.

There has been a spring near the village of Madrets for centuries one of the nicest waters in the area. That is why a fountain was built here. This is also the most crowded place in the village. It lists over 400 people, but in practice there are no more than 70-80. On Sunday, they elected a single candidate for mayor. The foretold choice is Yumer Khalil. For the third time he will be the mayor in the village of Madrets.

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And the few remaining residents dream that one day their village will be full of people again. And that’s why they give vows to the new old mayor for his third term. People here say that their essence lives up to the name of the village.

There is also a railway line in the village of Madrets. Two trains a day pass from here – one from Haskovo and one from Kardzhali. However, they carry 1-2 passengers each, and the village station last functioned 20 years ago.

On the other side runs one of the international roads from Haskovo to Kardzhali, and the city is only 15 minutes away. However, young people are rarely in the countryside. And when they come from abroad, they necessarily come to the village fountain by the railway line.

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