Bulgarian yogurt: There will be a new abbreviation on the packaging – PDO


The “Bulgarian state standard” is dropped for yogurt. Instead, the abbreviation PDO – Protected Designation of Origin will now be written on the packaging.

Photo: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“We have been working for the preservation of traditional Bulgarian dairy products for years. This protected not only by standard. It is a European regulation that protects these names, the technology. Yogurt must be made from 100% Bulgarian raw milk, and it must be made from Bulgarian fodder,” explained Dimitar Zorov, chairman of the Association of Milk Processors, in the program “This Saturday and Sunday”.

“The difference is that the Bulgarian state standard could also be produced from non-Bulgarian milk – this is a paradox. The innovation is to protect Bulgarian producers and consumers,” he pointed out.

“The goal is for all manufacturers in one country to produce one technology and one composition – to type the product. The EC’s policy is to support producers so that prices do not rise. Compensation commitments must be respected in order to maintain competitiveness,” added Zorov.


According to him, the price of yogurt depends on many factors such as the price of natural gas and fuel.

“Bulgarian manufacturers are greedy for money. They want to deliver products at affordable prices,” said the president of the Association of Milk Processors.

Among the protected products on the EU market are Gorno-Oryahov sujuk, Bulgarian rose butter, “Elena” fillet, beef pastrami, Thrace neck, “Trapezitsa” roll, “Panagyurska” sausage.

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