Recognition of judge Irina Ganeva from the District Court

Recognition of judge Irina Ganeva from the District Court
Recognition of judge Irina Ganeva from the District Court

Judge Irina Ganeva received the distinction of “official gratitude and diploma” of the Judicial College of the Supreme Judicial Council for demonstrated high professionalism, exemplary performance of official duties and high moral qualities, the press service of the court announced.

The promotion is on the occasion of the completion of her second term as a member of the Commission on Attestation and Competitions specializing in civil law.

Judge Ganeva was elected by the Plenum of the Supreme Court and included in the composition of the Commission for two consecutive one-year terms, during which she actively participated in the ongoing discussions related to certification and personnel activities. During this period, she was the rapporteur on more than 219 attestation files.

The certificate was presented to her by the chairman of the District Court – Razgrad Lazar Michev, who wished her a peaceful and successful work. The official ceremony was honored by colleagues and court officials from the judicial institution.

Judge Ganeva thanked everyone for their understanding during these two years, during which he had to work at a lower percentage of workload in the District Court – Razgrad due to the commitment and large volume of work in the Commission on attestation and competitions, as well as due to the coincidence of the days and the hours of the meetings in the KAC and the open court sessions in the court. She shared that she was satisfied with the high evaluation that the Supreme Judicial Council gave to her work.

The judicial collegium of the Supreme Judicial Council made the decision to promote the Razgrad magistrate at its meeting on July 11. The award was proposed by the members of the relevant board Olga Kerelska, Dragomir Koyadzhikov and Atanaska Disheva. The petitioners reasoned that in the performance of her duties, Judge Ganeva demonstrated excellent professionalism and a high degree of responsibility and organization, and in expressing her opinions she demonstrated consistent reasoning, competence and objectivity.

Judge Ganeva has over 26 years of legal experience, of which over 20 years in the judicial system. Her professional career began as a “junior judge” in the District Court – Razgrad, after which she was a judge in the District Court – Isperih. Since August 2008, she has been promoted to the position of “judge” in the District Court – Razgrad.


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