It is a great folly to believe your own propaganda.

It is a great folly to believe your own propaganda.
It is a great folly to believe your own propaganda.

Georgi Markov


Denkov to throw in the towel! PPDB received a heavy vote of no confidence in the elections closest to the people – the local ones.

There is no way to govern Bulgaria, since the seven-party coalition of Soros – PPDB has only 273,000 votes in the entire country.

There is no mayor in the first round – neither in the city nor in the village. He lost twice to GERB on the municipal lists with the indicated shameful result. He also lost to DPS.

273,000 votes equals a popular vote of no confidence. Enough! Boyko to start the jeep!

Today, many non-Sofian Sofians give us the voting direction, but they got it wrong. The direction cannot be Soros and those who arrested Boyko!

The Sorosoids are totally freaking out.

Especially the provincial Sofians.

Vanya would take us out of NATO and bring Putin into Sofia…

And what will happen if he comes, God forbid!?

Well, there will be guests: Vankata Krastev, Prokopiev, Dainov, Mirchev and others. will produce birth certificates to legitimize themselves as children of the pro-Soviet communist nomenclature. Hristo Ivanov, that his grandfather was from the Comintern, and his grandmother was Chervenormeika.

Others will take out diplomas that they studied in the USSR, others the old party tickets. Complete cretinization of Sorosoid democracy!

And one more thing – for the first time I see a man running away from a woman, albeit from a debate.

Let’s beat the machine with the ballot!

PS: Nova and BTV lost the elections badly. Look up – look at the results, you’ve become a laughingstock. Nova and BTV to hear the richest man in the world Elon Musk on X (Twitter) these days for the liberal media. It is a great folly to believe your own propaganda.

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