Minister Bogdanov opened the career forum for Bulgarians abroad “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?”

Minister Bogdanov opened the career forum for Bulgarians abroad “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?”
Minister Bogdanov opened the career forum for Bulgarians abroad “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?”

The Minister of Economy and Industry Bogdan Bogdanov opened the career forum for Bulgarians abroad “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?”, which is being held today in the Austrian capital.

It is a great honor for me and the Ministry team to be here. I am glad that we see so many compatriots, said Bogdanov in his welcoming words. This is a weekend in which we will be able to talk to all of you and tell you what we are doing, he declared to the Bulgarians gathered in Vienna.

It was important for the state to be part of this important project. We must make Bulgaria a place where people can stay. When we, the institutions and the business, join forces – then we will succeed in convincing young people to return to their homeland, the Minister of Economy pointed out.

According to Minister Bogdanov, trust in the institutions must be restored, and young people can contribute to their development. Bogdanov listed several examples of successful Bulgarian companies.

Bulgaria not only wants you, Bulgaria needs you. Each of your successes, the education you give your children, the Bulgarian values ​​in which you raise them, makes you ambassadors of our common mission, the minister added. I hope that today we will give you another reason to think of Bulgaria more often and to return one day, he added.

Accept us as a bridge for work and life in Bulgaria, announced the host of the event and co-founder of Bulgaria Wants You Andrey Arnaudov. It is a great pleasure for us to see so many people, so many Bulgarians at this event here in Vienna, said Ivan Hristov, the other host and co-founder of Bulgaria Wants You. Bulgaria already has something to give you, not only to promise you, he pointed out.

The Bulgarian community in Austria consists of 40 thousand people, their average age is just under 34 years, explained Desislava Naydenova Gospodinova – Ambassador of Bulgaria to Austria. Against this background, the Bulgarian community is one of the most well-structured – Bulgarian schools, organizations, independent groups. All of them have a broad role – to be a home where everyone feels at home, but also to be a bridge to the homeland, pointed out our ambassador. Vienna has been home to career fairs more than once. All of them aimed to provide information about the development in the country, she said and added: “But Bulgaria wants you” is also a cause.

A total of 23 employer stands of Bulgarian and international companies can be visited by our compatriots in Vienna within the framework of the Bulgaria Wants You event “Career and life – why in Bulgaria?”.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economy are also on the spot and discuss with compatriots various job opportunities in the institution. “Our main goal is for Bulgaria to be a country where young people want to stay, and people living and working abroad want to return. Here should be the place for their successful realization, here should be the place where they can create a home and a career, earn their income and contribute to the development of our country” – said earlier Bogdan Bogdanov, Minister of Economy and Industry .

“This is the third event in Europe that the Bulgaria Wants You platform has organized, but the first in which institutions are involved on an equal footing with companies from the private sector” – share the organizers of the forum.

In addition to representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Employment Agency also participated in the exhibition with a separate stand for career opportunities in Bulgaria, and the Minister Plenipotentiary, head of the Office for Labor and Social Affairs at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Austria, provided information on all necessary documents. which must be taken out if a student or worker in Austria wants to return to Bulgaria.

The forum in the Austrian capital is expected to be visited by over 1,000 Bulgarians living abroad. Dozens of companies that are looking for their new employees on the spot are represented with their stands at the event. The Bulgaria Wants You event is supported by the Embassy of Bulgaria in Austria and “Societa Bulgarica” ​​- the association of Bulgarians in Vienna.

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