NEW RESIL: A murderous humiliation for Asen Vassilev. They canceled the Change in his hometown


A new cover for “We continue the change” and in particular for Asen Vassilev in his hometown – Haskovo!

After the first round of the local elections, the results show a humiliating pogrom for the Harvard formation compared to the parliamentary elections held in April this year, a PIK check found.

The previous mayor Stanislav Dechev (GERB), Georgi Georgiev (“Vazrazhdane”), Georgi Ivanov (PP “Bulgarian Voice”), Ivan Ivanov (ITN) and the independent Nikolay Stavrev registered for the current vote in the Municipal Election Commission. “Change” did not broadcast their candidate, but supported Stavrev. He will face the runoff tomorrow against the favorite Dechev.

PPDB registered only lists of candidates for municipal councilors. A PIK reference on the CEC website showed a total collapse for “Change”. In the spring parliamentary elections, 16,116 people from the district voted for PPDB. And last Sunday – only 5043.

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For comparison – almost 6 times higher result was reported in GERB. Out of 23,535 people who supported the party in April, 28,355 people have now voted for their municipal councilors.

The battle for the post of mayor in Haskovo will be decided tomorrow, but as far as the vote for municipal councilors is concerned, this is the third victory of GERB over PP in Haskovo. In the parliamentary elections on October 2, 2022, Boyko Borisov’s party was again first in the region with 26.45% (21,207 votes), followed by “Change” with 19.22% (15,407 votes).

Against the background of the total pogrom of the PePe-tata in the city of Asen Vassilev, he mobilizes the entire state apparatus to dispense its own “justice” because he was not allowed to vote last Sunday. More about the saga see in MORE ON THE TOPIC

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