Alexander Durzhikov: I am satisfied with the work

Alexander Durzhikov: I am satisfied with the work
Alexander Durzhikov: I am satisfied with the work
The Chairman of the Plovdiv City Council, Eng. Alexander Durzhikov, is satisfied with the work in the term 2019 – 2023. In a blitz interview for he stated that the changes made in the rules of operation of the ObS in terms of publicity and better public awareness are good.

Durzhikov hopes to have continuity from the next term. He believes that many positive things have been done and there are things that can be continued.

“I am satisfied, despite all the upheavals that accompanied the mandate. There were also emotions, of course. Hopefully things will be better in the future,” commented the chairman.

As positive actions, he indicates the broadcasting of the meetings of the Municipal Council in real time online, the timely sending to all councilors of the documents accompanying the main points of the agenda, the publication on the website of the Municipality of Plovdiv in the section of the Municipal Council of the decisions and the votes of each councilor on the individual proposals , the questions to the municipal administration and the answers.

“Civil society wants to be informed. I think we have made good changes in the rules for the work of the Municipal Council,” he summarized.

Durzhikov believes that in the future work should be done on the discipline of councilors. In some municipalities, for example, if a councilor did not vote on 2/3 of the points, he is not counted as a working day and does not receive remuneration. In Plovdiv, it often happened that someone went to a meeting in the morning, signed in the attendance sheet and left after an hour. “There is something for colleagues to work on”.

Alexander Durzhikov will attend the first solemn meeting of the new Municipal Council, scheduled for November 8 at 10:30 a.m. The session will be chaired by Atanas Uzunov, who is the oldest municipal councilor in the new mandate. After being sworn in, councilors will have to elect a chair and vice-chairs from each group.

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