Plovdiv elects its mayor and regional mayors

Plovdiv elects its mayor and regional mayors
Plovdiv elects its mayor and regional mayors

Who will be the new mayor of Plovdiv? Kostadin Dimitrov – GERB stands as the favorite against the PP candidate – DB Ivaylo Staribratov. Plovdiv residents will choose which of the two mathematicians will govern the city.

In the first round, 32,570 people or 33.72% voted for Dimitrov, and 17,295 or 17.90% for Staribratov.

There will also be a runoff in the 6 districts of Plovdiv.

In five of the regions, the election will be between the candidates of GERB and PP DB, except in the “Iztochen” region, where Erol Sadakov from “Bravo, Plovdiv” is in first place against Emil Rusinov from GERB.

In the second round in “Tsentralen” Georgi Stamenov from GERB will face each other, who yesterday has 32.23% of the votes and is seriously ahead of PP-DB candidate Chilo Popov, who has 22.90% support.

Angel Slavov from GERB leads in “Zapaden” with 29.64%, second is Toni Stoycheva from PP-DB with 21.22 percent.

GERB candidate Iliyan Lalev is also the favorite in “Severen” with 22.21 percent, followed by Ventsislava Ljubenova from PP-DB with 16.87%.

The lead of Georgi Gatev from GERB in “Trakia” is significant – 38.11, over Nikolay Gyurov from PP-DB, for whom 13.45 of the voters who went to the polls voted.

The runoff in “Yuzhen” will be between GERB and PP-DB. The candidate of the first political force, Atanas Kunchev, has 24.76%, and the coalition’s Krasimir Alexandrov -15.44%.

In “Iztochen” the first is Erol Sadakov from “Bravo, Plovdiv” with 20.16 percent. On Sunday, he will fight with GERB candidate Emil Rusinov, who has 20.06%, the difference between the two is 11 votes.

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